Love between Two Worlds
Love between Two Worlds
Author: Ruby Faizal

(Isabella POV)

"Falling in love with a human! Prince Nyx, how can you! Have you forgotten what these earthlings did to our people!?" King Knox shouted at his son.

"Father, I know! But she is my mate, my other half!" Nyx argued as he wrapped his hand protectively around me.

“Earthling can't be mates with us! We are far more dignified. You are the next King. You should marry a potential Zylian! Not some lowly creature!” The king shouted earning a growl from his son.

“Do not speak low of my Mate. She is more than capable to be queen!" he shouted as his father sighed.

“I am sorry, Nyx but you are not in the right state of mind" the king said as the other looked at him confused.

“Guards! Seize Prince Nyx and kill the human!” King ordered as our eyes widen.

“NO!” Nyx shouted as millions of guards ran to us with weapons.

I felt Nyx's body shake and I knew his power is being activated. Suddenly he glowed gold as his gun appeared in his hand.

“I will protect you till my last breath” he said as he kissed my forehead and held me tight.


Five years ago the aliens attacked the planet earth.

The peace in the face of earth vanished as the surface of the planet became war fields and hunting grounds.

They looked exactly like normal human beings. Not a difference to be noted. But they have powers.

They glow when their power activates.

Their eyes glow.

They magically summon weapons.

They killed many innocents be it men, women, old, young.

The humans were forced to take shelter underground. Food and water were scarce. No one dares to go out for it is never safe. The earth's surface was just darkness and dangerous.

We were no match for the Zylians.

They were advanced species of the galaxy. They take pride as they go about the universe capturing other planets. The King of Zylian has always been proud of his youngest son, Prince Nyx and decided to give him the throne.

But no one imagined that the young prince will fall in love with me, a human girl.

My life had always consisted of being an aid to the injured.

And that is exactly how I met him. I never knew the man I took in to aid was the prince of the enemy world. I never knew I will fall in love with him.

He claimed me as his destined soul mate.

It was a forbidden love paired up by the Zylian God. Now I have to do whatever it takes to protect our love.

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Oh noes!!! Already I am gonna be sadz

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