Chapter 82

 Jake was...

Jake was a vampire...



When she'd last seen him he'd been...

She was in shock. 

She was unsure if this was better or worse than her zombie nightmare. 

Had that been a premonition? 

Vampires were technically be classed as walking corpses so her nightmare hadn't been far wrong, he was just a little less decomposed. 

Frankly, he was terrifying. 

Her best friend was leering over her, trying to fight his way to her throat with a crazed look in his eye as his bloodlust was taking over. New turns or fledgelings could be some of the most dangerous vampires. They hadn't learned to control their hunger yet and instinct would take over them. A fledgeling couldn't control how much they took either and almost every feed ended in death. When the blood lust took over they wouldn't even bat an eye at killing their own mother as long as they sated that hunger.

There was a

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Victoria Krechting
Oh noooooooooo stop it,first Jake now Cassius you are evil .

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