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"Why did you drink again?! Don't you have anything to do with yourself?!" I yelled at my annoying boyfriend, Drake. 

Twirling around like the drunkard he presently was, he began singing “All of me” by John Legend. This was so frustrating for me. 

I curled my fingers into a fist, tried to resist the urge to hit the asshole out of him. He was literally embarrassing me in front of the jobless people who surrounded us. If I had known he'd end up being this drunk, I wouldn't have dared to follow him here.

Jerking his arm, I tried as hard as possible to pull his hard body. Obviously, it was more like a task for me. He was tall, and here I was, small and slim. 

"Huh? W-what are you doing?" The grogginess that mirrored in him made him sound like some kind of numbskull. 

"Just come with me!" I spat out amidst clenched teeth, trying to hide my disgust. This guy didn't know I could break his head right now. One thing I hated was embarrassment. And that was the exact thing he was doing to me. 

"Baby, come on. Let's dance some more." He traipsed behind me. To be honest, it was as if I was pulling a rock. Jeez, why did I have to come today? 

I sincerely didn't want to follow him here, but I had no choice when he got angry and complained that I never followed him to clubs or social gatherings. Well, I was an introvert, he was opposite. But seriously, was there any girlfriend who didn't go out with her man? I guessed I'd just say I was pretty unique. 

I flared my nostrils, getting more flustered. I had never seen him this drunk. I knew I should have stopped him when he became intense in drinking alcohol. In fact, not only was he embarrassing me now. He had also embarrassed me back in the club, danced with other girls. How much embarrassment was I still gonna face for one night?

"I said leave me!" The intensity of the force he used to push me, made me fall to the ground. Oh, damn, I hit my butt. 

Still so groggy, he crouched, grasped my jaw with his fingers, pulled my face so he'd stare directly into my eyes. "Babe, why the heck are you disturbing me now? Let me enjoy my night ok?"

I was so embarrassed at this point. To worsen it all, the ladies around us started to laugh and mutter some things I cared less about. This was definitely a reason I didn't like people. The idiot ladies ought to face Drake for harassing me, but they were shoveling the vicinity with laughter. So frustrating. 

Frustrated and quite alarmed, I struggled to get his hand off my jaw. "D-Drak, you're gonna hurt me by doing this. This is damn painful!" I cried, sounding like there was a crunchy chip in my throat. 

He burst out in laughter, released my jaw, turned around to walk back into the club. Before leaving, he had mentioned “fool”. I fully knew that was a bad word to hear from one's boyfriend,  but what could a helpless woman like me do?

I wished I didn't follow him here. None of this embarrassment would have happened. Everything would have still been fine between us. I hated myself for having to come.

I stood up from the ground, spun around, stormed out of the club. All I hoped was for no one to recognize me. 



I stood in front of the huge glass window that was almost the size of a door, in my room, worshipping the amazing view of the city. Everyone seemed busy and calm as usual.

My choice to rest for the day seemed to be working out fine. Being the CEO of a very reputable company was something that wasn't close to being easy. Well, work was all I wanted. I wanted no one. Human beings were the same as gross. For me, work was life. But damn, today wasn't the day to work. I wasn't a robot after all.

My phone rang from my bed, flinching out of the thoughts of how amazing the city was. I rolled my eyes because I knew that whoever was calling was definitely going to be from work. They hardly knew how to maintain anything without me.

I walked to the bed, took a deep sigh, then grasped it. Surprisingly, it wasn't from the office. It was my mom. The sight of her phone call built a smile on my face. Swiping my thumb across the phone screen, I picked up her call. 

"Hi mom," I greeted, slightly glad. She was definitely the best person to lift my mood. 

"Hi my baby boy." Her greetings caused me to roll my eyes on how adamant she was on calling me a 'baby boy.'

"I'm good, you?" 

"I'm fine."

She kept quiet for a while. Sensing the way the phone made a crackly sound, I could tell she was hyperventilating, probably because she was nervous to state something. It kind of got annoyed. She knew I never liked when she was worried. 

"What's wrong?" I asked, irritated. She also knew how annoyed I could get when she fretted over something that wasn't worth it.

"My boy, can you come over today? I've got something to discuss with you. Your dad and I."

"Dad?" I became slightly nervous. "Is there a problem? Did something happen between you two?"

"No my boy. W-we just wanna tell you something. It isn't really bad or too serious. Can you come over?" Her tone was shaky.

I sighed, gripped my phone tightly, pressed it gently against my ear. I needed to relax for the day, but she had to call now. Why couldn't everyone stop bothering me?

"Ok," I affirmed after a short hesitancy.

"See you soon, my boy. And I'll prepare your favorite meal ok?" 

I smiled over the phone, "ok," and I hung up.

I wanted to take the day off, but I had to go since it was my dad that summoned me. If I didn't go there, there'd be a problem between us. That was something I had always ever tried to stop. But due to his constant strictness, it hardly worked, or never worked.

According to him, I was a numb son or a useless one, although I was really successful. At all costs, I wanted to please him because of my mom.

I exhaled, tugged the back of my neck with my hand, trying to keep myself steady. Ah, shit, life could be a dick sometimes.  


I drove into the driveway of my parent's huge compound, and parked my car in front of the mansion

"Pilot," I called one of my parent's home workers.

Without wasting time be hurried to me. "Yes sir?"

"Have these." I tossed my keys to him. "And park my car in the garage. I might stay here for tonight."

"Ok sir. Welcome home."

I walked to the building. Reaching it, I pressed the doorbell, impatiently waiting for someone to answer me. Why did no one have to answer, just when I was exhausted? Attempting to press it again, someone opened up. It was one of my mom's maids. 

Only looking at me for two seconds, she averted immediately, lowered her head to show some respect. "Welcome sir," she greeted."

"Hi," I replied curtly, walked in, ignored her eyes which were ardently on me. 

Stepping into the large living room, I saw my dad sitting on a couch opposite to my mom's and her sister's, aunt Linda. They all looked like they were mourning, which bothered me a little. Especially that my aunt was around as well.

My dad crossed his legs on a stool, and nursed his coffee. He was also holding a newspaper, and focused on it intensely, ignoring my presence totally. He was wearing his usual look, coldness. 

After a while, he glimpsed at me and turned back to focusing on his newspaper. Everyone was still quiet and I was pretty sure it was because my dad was here.

"Will you just stand there and not have your seat?" My dad broke the silence around us, still not looking at me.

I sighed, wore a courageous look. No matter how strict he was, I never allowed him to treat me like shit, which was one of the reasons we argued constantly. I always gave him a cold attitude when he was strict, and he was ever strict.

My mom smiled faintly at me. I was sure she wanted to run to me, hug me tightly, but she just couldn't do that in my father's presence.

I moved closer to them, and sat on a chair beside him. "Why have you called me here?" I demanded. 

No one replied to my question, but my mom only looked at me nervously. Something was definitely wrong. They all seemed to be hesitant, even my dad. My aunt bit her cheek, my mom intertwined her fingers in each other, which was something they both did when they were nervous. I couldn't take this irritation any longer.

"What's going on with you all?" I glared at my dad, and waited for him to prattle like he always did. 

He sighed coldly, dropped the newspaper on the centre table, removed his glasses, and comprehensively set his gaze on me.

"Would you please speak up and stop staring?" My irritation increased. 

He looked hesitant for the first time since I had ever known him, and exhaled again. "I want to get you married," he finally stated. 

What did he just say? This man was definitely not okay.

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nice story love it
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