I stared at them as they kissed intensely. I could hardly state anything. I wasn't sure if I was really seeing what I was seeing. They didn't even notice I was standing there for about three minutes already. I was really broken. The Drake I knew could never do such. I trusted him so much. 

"Ok babe. Get your bra off or I'll strip it immensely." He stated as he pulled away from their tremendous kiss, and started unbuttoning his shirt. What an idiot he was He was so deep in his romance that he couldn't even notice me. 

"Drake." I managed to call softly. 

I couldn't even think for a moment. I wasn't sure I was still alive. I didn't feel human. My sense was numb. It seemed like my brain disappeared and my skull was filled with cobwebs and dusts. Words could not explain my emotions. For a moment, I wished I was dead so I wouldn't have observed this terrific scene. 

He flinched, gaping as soon as he turned to me. He was obviously shocked to see me there. "M--Mia?" He stuttered. 

He immediately jumped from his bed, pushing the lady away, and hurrying to me. 

He stood in my front as we stared at each other, dumbly. He looked embarrassed and extremely surprised. I couldn't say a thing. My senses felt so null. 

"Mia. I can explain." He cried. 

"Explain what?" I asked sharply. I wasn't okay, but I was well prepared to attack any dumb explanation he had to give. I didn't think there was any reason for him to cheat on me. To me, I was the best girlfriend anyone could ever wish for. I never complained about anything he did. I hardly got angry at him. I never complained about his constant irritation, or the fact that he drank alcohol stupidly, always. So what was his stupid reason?!

"Mia, you've gotta calm down babe." He spoke. 

"Calm down? What the heck are you even saying?" I asked in a soft hurl. 

"Yeah. You've gotta come down and let me speak."

"Drake, you have no excuse." Tears well in my eyes. 

"Why the disturbance?" The lady's voice sounded from behind. She sauntered to Drake, and snaked her arms across his shirtless body, starting to kiss his neck from behind. "I fucking need you now babe. Who's this thing?"

Woah, she called me a thing? That wasn't even the issue alone. She even had the gut to touch my man like that? I hadn't even been so romantic to him like that before. But however, that was not my concern at the moment, I needed to know what was happening first. 

"I'm coming pie. Try to control yourself for a few minutes. I'm also as ready. Let me settle the scores here ok?" He said to her, and pressed a kiss against her wet lips. 

That was his limit. I needed to stop staring at him like a dummy, especially due to the fact that I was seeing the only person I loved, romancing a lady.

"Drake!" I yelled, causing him to shudder. "Are you crazy? What the heck is going on?!"

He closed his eyes and rubbed his hands against his face, waving his hands dumbly in the air. "Common... enough of this cold attitude. I'm not in for this now. I've got no time for this. You interrupted us in the middle of something you know?"

"What?!" I hollered faintly. He didn't even seem sorry. His embarrassed look faded away totally as soon as the lady came to him. He didn't even look sorry in any way. What the heck was happening to my Drake? 

"Mia dear." He called as he folded his arms across his chest, and stared at me indifferently. "Like I said, I'm not in for this trash, so I'll go straight to my point."

I blinked away the tears that welled in my eyes, trying so hard to prevent it from dropping. It would be so embarrassing for me to cry in front of them. 

"The thing is..." He started say whatever he had to. The lady behind him smirked at me as if she was proud of herself, rubbing her hands seductively on his chest. "I've always wanted to state everything to you. But due to the fact that you aren't loved by anyone, I've always tried to help you out." He said. 

I trembled and tried so hard to hide my pain. "Ok. State it all to me now."

"You sure?" He asked. 

"Yes." I replied to him firmly.

"Mia," He continued to speak "It might sound stupid, but it's the truth. The thing is, I've never felt true love for you. I'm sorry for this but that's it. I only wanted to hook up with you. And, you know, you didn't give me a chance to. Whenever I tried, it's either you refused or you get moody about something happening in your life. And then, I forget my aim."

I still set my gaze on him, unmoving. His words indeed sounded stupid. I didn't want to believe him. 

"And also, whenever you tell me about the shits in your life, I feel guilty for having to pretend to like you." He added as he scratched the back of his neck. "I felt obliged to you, which was something I never wanted, or planned for. I felt it was important to comfort you even though I didn't want to."

"Oh." I mentioned as I averted from our gaze. I couldn't bear it anymore. Staring at him made me so bitter and confused. I didn't know the perfect word to explain my feelings. All I wished was that I wasn't experiencing it. 

"So you only pretended to love me out of pity?" I managed to ask, not facing him directly. 

"Yeah. I guess." He replied, sounding apathetic.  

I stared at the floor and chuckled wearily. The tears that blurred my vision disappeared suddenly. Even my tears refused to experience the tremendous experience. If my tears could not stick to me when I needed it, then absolutely nothing could be trusted. I was such a fool to trust him, but how could I have known? I didn't even have anyone to guide me on how I was to deal with life. 

I wore a faint smile, a smile that had horrendous pain behind it, a smile that I couldn't explain where it was coming from, a smile that tried to hold my broken pieces. It was an unfathomable smile. 

"So, it's over between us then?" I asked as I raised my head to look into his eyes. He looked less concerned about how I was feeling. 

"Yep. Automatically." He responded sharply. 

I still wore my faint smile, and moved closer to cup his hands in mine. "Drake, I also need to tell you something." I told him.

He raised his brows in discomfort. I guessed his dumb play girl, or now, his girlfriend, felt jealous. "What?" He asked as he removed his hands from mine. 

"Oh sorry." I said. "I've forgotten that you aren't mine anymore. Or was never mine."

I sighed, and started to speak, "I don't care how you've ever felt about me. It's nice to hear your confession. At least, I'm not being greedy anymore by forcing you to stay with me, even though it was unknowingly. I didn't know you didn't like me and you were only in a bondage."

"You're right." He affirmed what I said. 

"Drake," I continued. "My opinion about you was different. So, before I'll let you go forever, I want you to know that you were the best thing that ever happened to me. You were the only one that comforted me when no one was around. You were the only thing I appreciated in my entire life. You were the best."

I swallowed the lump in my throat. "You were a gift, a blessing, my joy, my everything."

"Well, that's over now." He stated as he pecked his lover. 

I felt bitter as I stated everything, and felt even more bitter as he showed nothing but apathy. 

"Thank you for being part of my life. Although you are now a history, I still appreciate your comfort. But unfortunately, comfortability doesn't last forever. Thanks again." I finally stated as I turned to take my leave. 

I couldn't speak further. He didn't seem to have interest in all I was saying. All he was interested in was the fun they were about to have. A fun called 'Lust.'

I stepped out of his house, and froze for a while. I needed to leave the vicinity. It only brought sad memories and nothing else. My heart was burning more. I didn't know where I was heading, but I was willing to be patient for 'destiny.' I needed to leave the next phase of my life to 'destiny.' 

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The expression is “have the guts”. It means acting like you have strength equal to someone whose physique is a well-endowed chest and “6-pack” abdominal muscles. If you “have a gut”, that means,like Santa Claus, you have a big, round belly that shakes like jelly when you laugh.
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Strip it immensely? Perhaps you mean immediately?

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