I glanced through the pictures of some damsels on my phone as I sipped from my cup of coffee. I was so screwed up with finding a bride for my nephew, Ace. It was really frustrating already. Mia was my last hope, although I didn't like her that much. She was somewhat rude and unfriendly even though her parents were so nice. I liked her at first but she didn't act all cool.

I stood up from my bed and dropped my phone on the side table in frustration, heading to my bathroom to take a shower. I tried resisting the urge to tell my sis I was tired of looking for a bride for her son. It was only getting me worked up. 

She was so intense in it and it irritated me. I wondered how anyone could still think of an arranged marriage. But well, I couldn't blame her. Her son was a terribly cold man.

I knew he faced a lot of things as a child, but that wasn't an excuse to be so frigid. He probably had another reason. I was pretty sure he wasn't the only child in the world who didn't have fatherly care or love, so why was he so cold?

 My phone rang from where it was laid, and I rolled my eyes on hearing it ring, knowing fully well that it was my sister. I walked to the table and picked it up. And as I had expected, she was the one calling. 

"Hi Emma." I greeted first.

"Hey." She responded faintly, and sighed over the phone.

"Emma..." I called as I sat on my bed. "You're fretting again?"

"Of course I am." She replied without hesitating a bit.

I sighed, and rolled my eyes again. "But why? I promised to do this for you right? Don't you trust me?"

"Of course I do." She obviously lied. I could sense it from her low tone. "I'm just worried cause I don't want Ace to change his mind. I want everything to be done in a blink of an eye."

"Ok sis. But please stop worrying. You know it isn't good for your health. Please." I told her. 

"Ok. Thank you. I'll hang up now." She said, and she hung up immediately.

"This is so difficult." I muttered to myself as I stood from the bed and headed to my bathroom.

Maybe I had to visit Mia's place in the morning, so I could try to convince her. I hoped she'd agree. She was the only person that could help me out.


I traipsed on the streets like a reckless person. I was so weak already. I needed to relax but I didn't think I deserved to. I only had suicidal thoughts running in my mind.

If Drake wasn't with me anymore, would I be living a life where everyone around me hated me? What would be of me then? Could I ever be happy?

My head felt like it had a laden on it, and the laden could be diminished if I would just die. Everything would end in peace. At least, no one felt my influence. I was so useless to the world. No one cared if I lived or not. My parents had always stated that they wished I was dead. What was the point in living a life as good as dead?

I thought for a while, and finally decided on what to do. Suicide was the best decision. It could solve my horrendous issue.

I scanned my eyes through the quiet place, searching for the best place to eliminate myself.

Shortly, I spotted a coconut tree behind a building, and immediately remembered that there was a close by beach Drake and I used to visit. We used to have so much fun there. I guessed it was the perfect place to die since it was one of the places I had my greatest memory with him. I swallowed hard, and sauntered to the place.

Standing by the water, I sighed before starting to walk into it. All my memories of the life I had lived ever since I was little, began to sound in my head. My parents holler, the embarrassment I faced in school, even Drake's anger. All of it.

I furthered in my movement, although the water was already at my chest level. I guessed it was time to leave. 

Abruptly, a force drew me back, hitting me against a hard body. The force kept drawing me, and finally drew out of the water. I breathed heavily, repeatedly, and gripped the person tightly. It was a tall, muscular, and masculine figure. The place was so dark that I could hardly see his face.

I felt so weak and dizzy. Although I couldn't see his face properly, I could tell that he was staring at me. 

My eyes spined like a ball on a field. I didn't know what was happening to me. Maybe I was in the after world already. I couldn't fathom a thing. My head felt heavy and my vision turned black. I passed out.


I stared at the half dead human in my hands. I couldn't see her sharply, but I could tell that she seemed like a fresh corpse. I wondered if she was dead already. Why in the world would a person even want to commit suicide, especially in water? How disgusting!

I didn't think suicide was something important. Despite the problems I had faced in the past, suicide was never the best option.

It irritated me so much as I saw her walking into the water. At first, I wanted to leave her to die. At least, if she wanted to die, it was her choice after all. But, on remembering the experience I had in my past, I never wanted anyone to experience death by suicide.

"No. Please. Don't hit me anymore. Please. Please. I beg of you." She whispered, still unconscious.

What the heck was she saying?

I sighed, and dropped her gently on the ground, going close to the water to get some in my hands.

As soon as I got some, I bent to reach her, and sprinkled it on her face. She clinged her eyes tightly, and moved her body little by little. And In no time, she began to regain consciousness. I held her head as she coughed and sat up.

"You're fine?" I asked as I stared at her in the darkness. The moon wasn't so bright for me to observe her face, but I could see her a little. 

She used her hands to tug her head softly, and steered her neck a little to face me "Am I still alive?" She asked, making me lift an eyebrow at her.

I sighed furiously, "Yes you are. Get up now."

I helped to raise her from the ground, and finally, we were on our feet. She rubbed her hands against her face like a confused human, and raised her neck to set her gaze on me.

"W--why did you stop me?" She asked softly, in a stutter.

I glared at her. She ought to be thanking me for it, and here she was, asking me a weird question?

I suddenly became flustered. I wanted to ignore her question, and tried resisting the urge to spill some bad words to her face. I was really good at cursing, so I wanted to prevent myself from being insulting towards an unknown person. 

"Because you were being disgusting." I uttered. I just couldn't control my words when I was angry.

"W--what?" She asked in a soft voice.

"Yeah. And dumb too." I added, causing her to give me a dirty look.

"How can you even say that to someone you know nothing about?" She grumbled amid gritted teeth.

I huffed as we stared into each other's eyes, coldy. I couldn't see her vividly enough, but I could study her looks clearly.

Ungrateful human.

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