"Saturday?!" I exclaimed as I stood from my seat. "That's in two days time. How is that even going to be possible?"

"Oh my dear." Mrs Norman said. "I understand that you think this is close but I need you to also understand that this needs to be done so soon."

"But why?" I asked. "I mean, why the rush? We've got enough time."

"Are you interested in this or not?" Ace stated, causing me to turn to him.

"I--I..." I tried to speak but my dad caught me in.

"The thing is that she's so worried about the expenses. That's it." He stated and let out a shaky chuckle.

My parents, dumbest human in the world. All they cared for was money. They didn't even care about my feelings. How could they agree to get their daughter married to a random person who proposetwo days ago? I didn't expect less though.

"Oh, the money." Mr Norman finally spoke. "We understand that you guys don't hav

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