Uh oh

I stared at myself in the mirror. I looked so stressed out and weary. I could hardly sleep. I was in a crazy dilemma. A dilemma that didn't worth my thought or time.

Even when I tried to sleep, Ace's words attacked me in my dream. I had been threatened a lot in my life, but none of it seemed so scary like Ace's. I wondered how he did that.

His glare alone, frightened me so bad. How on Earth was I going to survive, if I got married to him?

I sighed and walked to my door, opening it, and shutting it gently as soon as I was out. Although my mind wasn't supporting my decision, I was willing to do it for Mrs Norman. It wouldn't be nice to hurt the old lady. I was willing to listen to whatever he had to say. What if he was only sputtering false threat? And what if he was being serious? I was so puzzled. How could my own life be confusing me?

I walked down the stairs, carefully, and observed everyone in the living room. M

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