I finally shut my laptop, after a two hour study. I was done with my work and It was already nine in the morning. I woke up early, and hurried to do everything I needed to do for the day. 

It was our last day at Miami, and we hardly even enjoyed it. Whenever we wanted to have fun, it was either I acted like a complete git, or I'd get tired for no reason. 

I was sure Emily was regretting the fact, that she had to come here with me. It didn't seem like she was enjoying her vacation at all. And all thanks to me. 

I sighed tiredly and sauntered to the bagel she had dropped for me, before she left. 

I had no idea of what she was up to, and I didn't ask either. For some reason, I wasn't interested in anything, but home. I couldn't wait to get there. I just couldn't. 

I turned back at the settee, and walked to it.

I was about t

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Maria Diolinda Casal
Drake is definitely lying, and Mia is very s****d for believe him. And mia’s husband deserves what is coming to him for trusting Emily. And Emily oh my god I hope that Mia really gets her to pay for everything she is doing
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Praise Odulesi
Sorry for that. I'll try to update better. And, kidly comment publicly, so I can view it better, nad be able to reply. Thanks for reading
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Hadeel Anwar
Why do i have to ask everyday For t He chapters can u updat E Us frequently

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