I still stared at my phone as it rang. He was already calling for the second time, and I still hadn't made a decision, whether or not to pick it. 

I didn't want any form of distraction in my life. My life was already so complicated to aggravate it further. I just didn't know what to do. 

I sighed and finally decided to switch it off. That was the best way to avoid any calamity from befalling me. I really wished to speak with him, in order to get rid of my sad thought, but my marriage was at stake. 

Being close to him could severely hurt my marriage. It was only going to confuse my already confused life, and worsen my problems. I couldn't let such. My life was already so difficult. 

I sat by the bedside, and waited patiently for Ace to come upstairs. If he didn't like me, there was a way I could let him do. I could probably start up from friendship. If he wasn't ready to take the move, I was. 

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Another time it should be guts not gut. Also, she should give it a “try” not “trial”.

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