I still somewhat hesitated, as we faced each other. He was scowling intensely as I stared calmly. I didn't know how to begin. I also had doubt if he'd believe me. He seemed to have fed his mind with thoughts of how well I wanted his money. He didn't even know the real stuff. I hoped he'd believe me completely. I was too innocent for this shit.

I expired and swallowed calmly. "Firstly," I began. "I want to ask you some questions."

He scoffed and released his folded arms, tucking them into his shorts. "What now? Ask for my money? Or ask for something more expensive?"

I furrowed my brows at him, weakly. Why did he have such a crazy mentality? It wasn't fine at all.

"No." I stated sharply.

"Then what?" He retorted.

"Would you let me speak?" I requested.

"Ok. I'll let you speak. Go on."

"Ace." I called softly. "Thinking about it, have I ever asked y

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