Going well:-)


"And that's the end of today's meeting." One of my workers, Mr Daniel, stated.


I sighed, and dismissed everyone immediately. I was already tired of the meeting. After a while of listening to what he was saying, I completely zoned off. I was lost for some reason.

"Mr Norman." Mr Daniel called, as he sauntered to me. "How was my presentation? Do you think it's going to yield a great result?" He asked.

I stared at him blankly. "What presentation?" I asked confusingly.

"Sir...the one I just finished." He stated.

I chuckled perplexingly. "Oh. That one. I'll get back to you soon."

"Ok." He added, as he walked out of meeting room.

To be sincere, I wasn't listening at all. I didn't even have a hint of all he stated. All I could tell was, I saw him speaking. My mind wasn't even connected to anything he men

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