Must confront him:-|


I gently sat on the bed, and silently slipped on my slippers. I walked to the closet, and changed from my night gown to a more comfortable cloth. I just couldn't go out in those. 

I changed my clothes in a hurry, and packed my hair as well, as I tiptoed to the door. 

It was 10:00pm already. I managed to get Ace to sleep early, so I could still get to Drake's place with Jenny. I also asked Jenny to wait for the night. She didn't want to do it, but I forced her too. She thought we weren't doing the right thing, but I sincerely thought it was important. He needed to be thought some things.

I slowly opened the door, and shut it gently too. If Ace knew about where we were going, he'd definitely not allow us to leave the mansion, especially not at night. I really hoped he wasn't going to be awake, in the interval I'd be gone. I managed to get to the living room, then I rushed

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Praise Odulesi
This comment makes me laugh?
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You stupid girl run to a jerks house and trying to defend other girl but in the end can't even protect herself so stupid!!!
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Update please

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