I still stared into Drake's eyes, as we were hardly few inches away from each other. I was so nervous and helpless. I knew, absolutely, nothing to do. I couldn't push his hard body. He could only end up hitting me, or doing something so painful. But also, I couldn't let him sleep with me like that. Even Ace hadn't done that, and had never forced me to, although we both slept in the same room, and in the same bed. I needed to do something badly, but how could I?

"Drake Please." I tried pleading. "Don't do this to me. I beg of you. It won't do any good to us both. Please."

He scoffed. "I told you it's too late. I've been madly craving for you, for a really long time."

"But why?" I retorted, still in between tears. 

He moved backwards, and stood from the bed. "Come to think of it." He said, as he began to wander around the room. "I dated you for a year and a half, only for me to get you, but I didn

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Terrible to you! Terrific means really good, not really bad.

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