Going fine

"Common Ace. Keep calm. One more pancake won't hurt you." Mia squealed, as she tried stuffing another pancake into my mouth. 

I hit gently against her hands, and stood from my seat. I was done trying to eat what I didn't wanna. 

"Mia. I'm so full for now. Don't make me eat more. Ok?" I smiled at here. 

She pouted like a child, and creased her arms across her chest, staring at me with those adorable brown eyes. "No. I'm not satisfied with that." She refused. 

"But I'm overly full. Do you wanna turn me into a glutton or something?" I joked. 

She chuckled, and unfolded her arms, tweaking my nose softly. "Maybe."

"Maybe?" I asked rhetorically. 

"Common. You're so slim already." She remarked. 

"Well, thank you madam. But how could I get slim in one week? You told me I was fat, two weeks a

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