Mia slowly left my arm, still staring confusingly at me, as she turned to stand in my front, which somewhat obstructed Emily from seeing me. 

"What's going on Ace? I'm not sure I understand anything she's saying." She furrowed her brows at me, and waved her hands in the air, to clearly express that she was confused. 

I heaved out in fear, and moved forward to stroke the skin of her arms. "Mia. You'll have to try to listen to me." I said, trying to jerk her out of her confused self. 

"I'm listening to you. I didn't even argue about anything. I only asked you a question." She averred, as she hit my grip off her arms. "I just need to understand what's going on. I'm not asking for anything more." She mentioned with a great deal of seriousness. 

I had no idea of how to begin a conversation with her. I didn't even know what to tell her, or how to tell her I knew nothing about how it hap

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Quakes, null, strongly laden? Get a better translator already!
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LOL! While heavy pants is not technically incorrect, it brings to mind a girl hardly able to stand up in his 20 kg jeans! Heavy panting is more suitable.
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One slams the door hard or heavily, not hardly, because hardly means very little, or not much.

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