I sobbed softly as I plodded down the stairs, and sniffed to stop the mucus in my nose from dripping. I didn't know where I was going, but all I knew was, I didn't want to have Ace close at all. He was more than disgusting in my sight. 

I stepped into the living room and turned my neck left and right, in search of the bitch who caused my marriage to scatter. That was it. It was Emily I needed to see. She the one I felt like venting my frustration on. 

I panted heavily and tightened my fingers into a fist, when I discovered that she was no where close. But still, I was somewhat sure that Ace could never let her go home alone. Especially the fact that she was carrying his long needed heir. 

A thud sounded from Ace's study region, causing me to jerk my neck to the sound in a rush. She was definitely going to be the one. I was sure of it. And also, there was no one in the building excluding the three of us.&nb

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