I watched as Ace spoke to the doctor about conducting a pregnancy test for Emily. I didn't expect him to be so adamant on wanting her to confess. I somewhat felt like he didn't believe me, but I wasn't willing to conclude on that. He wanted to consult a DNA test at first, but the doctor said it couldn't be done if she wasn't up to seven weeks pregnant.

He shook the doctor's hand, then asked him to sit on the divan. Taking a turn, he walked to me, coating his lips with a hard smile.

"Hi sweetie," he greeted as soon as he was in front of me, dropping a soft kiss on my neck.

I returned his smile, raised my legs to reach his neck length. "I'm fine. What did the doctor say?"

"Well, he said there's no big deal in conducting a test. I also asked him to bring all his important equipment here. That's it," he explained.


Grabbing my waist, he tugged me closer to him, playing with the hem of my hair. "I've seriously missed your tiny body. I can't wait to have a taste of it tonight."

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Ojo Faith
ooo yep that's right I know Emily didn't see that coming but hmm next time I'm sure she'll be coming back with fire but I hope Ace and Mia will be prepared

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