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I wandered in the living room, in search of my phone. I had checked everywhere I had gone to for the day, but I didn't find it anywhere close. I wanted Ace to send a phone call to my number, but he was in his gym and I wasn't willing to bother him. 

After a little search, I thought that there was no point in wasting my time. Ace was the best option.

 As I was about to leave the proximity, I spotted it by the counter in the kitchen. Although it wasn't so close, I could tell that it was my phone. That was so weird because I was pretty sure I hadn't taken it there. I shrugged, and walked to get it. 

As soon as I had it in my hands, I was about to go through it when Cadven appeared in my front, and grinned widely at me. 

"Oh hi Cadven." I greeted, returning her grin with a wide smile. I hadn't seen her all morning. 


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