Marriage at stake

We stepped into the hospital building, staring helplessly like a bunch of lost sheeps. The place was so big and fabulous that I didn't think my senses could locate any place. 

Not wasting any more time, I dailed Ace's number, and waited for him to answer his phone. 

"Where are you?" He questioned straight as he picked it. 

"What's wrong Ace?" I tried to figure out the shit that got into him. 

"Answer me first." He ordered, in more like a menace. This guy was running amok. I was sure of it. So unstable like a twirling kite. 

I rolled my eyes over the phone, trying to ignore his annoying act. "I'm on the first floor of the building. Where do I--" 

"Good. I'll send someone to direct you up here." He interrupted, hanging up the call liked he had done before. 

Slowly, his attitude was starting to affect me we

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