8. Someone Broke Into My House!

A week has passed by, Ashton was very happy in his new office and Jules was satisfied with him. 

His only work was to go through the files which she needed to sign, take her to the doctor's whenever the appointment was fixed and feed her food and supplements.

As Billina was out of the city for some work, therefore, Jules attended the office regularly.

The Smiths planned a meeting with BB and as Billina wasn't available, so Jules set up the meeting.

"All ready?" she asked Patrick, the manager as she walked through the elevator.

"Yes, Mrs Bernand, all is set. The Smiths must be here in a minute or two." Patrick nodded and said.

Jules, followed by her new assistant Ashton, went in her cabin.

"Ma'am do you want a coffee?" he asked politely.

Jules shook her head and waited patiently for her clients to arrive. 

A few minutes later, Patrick came and informed her about the client's arrival.

Ashton helped her stood up and

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