11. Return To Oz?

Can I bring my pet too? I live alone too." Ashton said in fidgety. 

"Of course. There's an application you have to fill and give your reasons." Clara smiled and said.

"From where can I get this application?" he asked attentively.

"Oh... I have one copy." Ron immediately checked his office bag and took a page out.

"Here. Fill it and submit in the administration dept." Ron added.

He thanked them and filled the application, then submitted in the admin dept.

After a long tiring day.. oh and not to forget it was a last-minute save. Ashton was finally in bed with his puppy.

"Yes, Toto. Tomorrow you are going to work with me." he played with his dog and went to sleep.

Next day, when he reached his office with Toto in his hand, at first he wanted to keep his bag in his cabin, then Toto to the administration department. 

The door of his cabin was open and as he put his dog down, he quickly ran out of the room. 

When A

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