16. Australian Ex.

"I never saw such a beautiful scenario ever," Ashton said in a fine tone, his eyes dilated to a sparkling blue star.

"Yea.," Billina said sipping her drink.

"Uhm.. do you mind if I take your picture? I mean you look so..." as Ashton was saying all this, he felt his cheeks turning hot and red.

"Look at your face..." Billina started laughing while Ashton took some bomb ass photos of her.

"Who said I said yes to the photos?" she made a poker face and Ashton was terrified that he made her angry once again.

Ashton gulped in horror.. he's dead now. Is he not?

"I...." he was lost with words, unable to speak a proper sentence.

"Show me the photos..." she said dryly.

One second she so friendly and another second she acts like she doesn't know the other person. She is something else.

Without saying a word, Ashton just handed her the camera and she took a look at the photos. 

After full five minutes, she spoke softly, "I never kn

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