19. Swim Race.

"Oh no, that's not the right thing to do.." he said in a nervous tone, then looked at Billina for conformation.

"Oh come on. Be a man.. show off your body to the girls." Carlos winked giving him a hint.

"Or ask your boss only if she will agree.." Conor joked but it offended Billina in a way that only Ashton noticed.

"He will.." Billina spoke in a confident tone.

A few minutes later, when Ashton was standing beside the pool, lost in deep thoughts, Billina walked by and said, "Win that race for me, will you?"

Ashton didn't know what to say so he nodded nervously and replied, "Will try my best, ma'am. Just tell me do they have any special move?"

"Not that I know of..." Billina said assuring him.

"Go and change.." she added.

When changing the clothes, all he was thinking about was the boss had faith in him. The way she asked him to win that race for her.. her eyes said it all.

Walking towards the poolside, Ashton noticed all the eyes

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