I'm Here Now.
I'm Here Now.
Author: Bauxmollywrites
P A R T - O N E

His the one I'm meant to hate, to loathe— his the enemy!

But his the one I desire, crave, want and need the most.

I am his. 

As he is mine. 

And together?

We burnt bridges and started fires, wars, it was so beautifully chaotic that it tore and shredded us apart,, my dear love.


Emily Collins is a young brilliant woman who started her business from scratch with the help of her two bestfriends and with a thick and heavy past behind her, she's doing good— as good as she can be with a little baby boy.

But sometimes, our devil's like to play and come into light.

Join Emily on a whirl wind of emotions as she tries to uncover her horrible past by opening old wounds, allowing them to breath and to finally heal.

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