Chapter 2: Luxury of Being the Only Girl

I tiredly sit on my bed still thinking about what happened to me in that antique shop. I was taken by surprise when I heard my cellphone suddenly rings so I look at the caller ID to see Sandra’s name. Smiling and excited I slide the answer button then presses the speaker icon. Thinking about the things I needed to fix, I laid the phone on the bed as I change my clothes.

“Yow, Riri got home already?” Sandra asks as I change into my house clothes.

“Yap, what’s up? Got any news about your BELOVED JR?” I said teasing her; I swear I heard a depressing clicking of tongue from her.

While we were roaming the mall the whole day, JR never texted Sandra or even replied her text messages hence the constant whines of Sandra. This is making Sandra think of different negativities. Well, can’t blame my friend for thinking so. JR never messaged and called Sandra for almost 3 days, so typical of him. What’s up with him? I swear I saw Sandra’s phone nearly giving up because of her endless texting and calling to JR. Sometimes I think the clingy one is my friend rather than JR, I mean Sandra appears to be the one taking the alternatives to text him even if the teacher’s discussion is ongoing. They are like this typical couples who break up today then get back together the day after tomorrow. Sandra calls it to be complicated yet insanely addicting.

“Well, as usual he just texted back saying his phone have a defect, answer to why he don’t reply at all. I mean come on; he can use other’s phone to reply just once so I won’t worry. I don’t know... sometimes I think he is avoiding my texts because he is with someone else or busy doing something else. I don’t want to be a clingy girlfriend but...... why drag this relationship for almost 4 years if we have no faithfulness to each other. I don’t know it might be only me thinking but… being ignored is more painful than being told let’s break up.” Sandra said and I sigh, here goes the drama again though she has a point.

Yap! Sandra and JR are together that long. I wonder what made them think that their relationship now is different… I mean, being together that long means they trusted each other, right? I guess it’s true what they say, long time relationships can go astray when time passes. This is the reason why I prefer to wait for the perfect moment where I can whole heartedly lock myself to someone who is ready to lock his to mine.

“Hey look, don’t think like that. Don’t forget that we are finally graduating, this MEANS that you two can plan for the future. Isn’t that what you both planned before? Come on; give him the benefit of a doubt. Anyways, out with the problem and let’s talk about our graduation get up. How is yours going?” I said hoping I could get her out of her pitiful thoughts.

I heard her sigh then suddenly giggles, and the sound is good to me. Having problems in times like this is like having a surprise quiz in which you never reviewed.

“It’s perfect, that green knee length dress you picked is the winner. It matches my body and my mom also agreed when she sees it, not to mention the heels are just perfect and the accessories are some bless. JR may drop his jaw once he sees me on it. And guess what, someone else texted me inquiring about you bess.” Sandra said in a teasing tone then she giggles in amusement.

I get the idea to who she is talking about but it still surprise and confuse me. Why text Sandra and not me? That is weird.

“Hmnnn, Jemar? What did he say? I mean, shocking. Why asks you about me when he can just text me. Plus, that’s a wonder, he never texted me this day not unlike before.” I said while I go through my shopping bags bringing out the items I bought.

“Ah! Those countless courting messages and I miss you from Mr. Admirer? Well, he must be thinking that you don’t want to be disturbed on our shopping day. I mean you usually don’t reply every time he texts you. Then you reply him on the afternoon saying you got busy or you don’t usually look at your phone.” Sandra said and I feel bad.

It’s true I’ve been doing that to Jemar. Jemar Blake Castro is my 2 years’ suitor until now. He is a gentleman, cute and a thoughtful guy so I will admit that he is my crush. He has this lovely brownish hair, reddish lips, and a clean cut hair. He is also talented and a brotherly figure person. But, being the good daughter ME I didn’t yet showed him my feelings. I was planning to do it right at our graduation day right after the ceremony, a surprise to him and perhaps a new chapter for both of us. Sandra and I planned to give him a shock by ME accepting him as my boyfriend; he has been waiting for a long time so I thought it must be time to give him a reply. I mean being the daughter and sister of such amazing family you tend to do well so you can be a pride to them. Especially when my brothers are so strict about the guys getting near me, things might be a little bit uneasy. They’ve meet Jemar and made an agreement with me that I can only have a boyfriend once I graduate but first… they need to approve him for me. So far, all they have said about Jemar are good things.

“Well, so what did he say?” I ask as I look at the box with this weird emblem.

“Emnnnn he is asking if you have arrived home safe. And he asks if… oh never mind, about your plan on graduation day about you know…… accepting his offer to be his girlfriend. So, are you really ready and sure about it?” Sandra said making me raise an eyebrow in confusion.

“Y-Yah I’m sure of it, why is there something you are hiding that I don’t know of? Just tell me so I won’t make a mistake.” I said then I heard her laugh hard.

“Gosh! Riri nothing is wrong Jemar is my longtime friend and I know he is true about his feelings about you. I mean, for the first time he endured 2 years of courting someone. And I’m happy that THAT person is you. Plus, Jemar is a kind and honest guy I mean… well, ahhhmmm he manage to wait for 2 years now right? Just use your heart and head ones you accept him by then you will see if you are doing the right decision. But I warn you… relationship is a great pain in the ass. Take mine for an example.” Sandra said sounding really confused and unsure, that made me feel uneasy and nervous out of a sudden.

“O- kay, oh I need to say goodbye for now. I need to prepare dinner or my brother Charles will kill me if he sees that I did not cook dinner. I just want to know if we are set to go to church tomorrow.” I ask as I immediately take the plastic bag full of grocery items on the floor and my phone on the bed.

“Yap, I texted the others and they are sure about it. See you tomorrow.” Sandra said as I put the bag on the table.

“Alright see you girl. Bye.” I said before ending the call and placing my cellphone on the table’s edge.

I immediately prepare dinner before my brothers Charles and Vinze will come back to the apartment. This apartment was a gift from my brothers to me when I finally came to the city for college. But after 1 month of constant worrying and arguing my two brothers ditch their own apartments and came live with me. Typical over protective brothers, they are so hard to get away with… just kidding. After preparing dinner I immediately contact my apartment’s laundry department and have all my unwashed clothes, my toga and the items I bought to be washed. After a few minutes the boy of the apartment complex came and takes them with him. My apartment building is a newly constructed 25 floor building owned by a half Filipino and half American missionary who let his son manage the building. It is an Americanized style apartment with complete departments for us who live here. Well, paying 20K a month should be worth it right?  

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