Chapter 4: True or Not

Inside the church is so quiet and only the preaching of the priest is heard. We are all sitting on the second floor aisle of the church. Not to mention the coldness of both JR and Sandra on my sides are suffocating, I don’t even know why they suddenly let me sit in-between them when I was supposed to be sitting beside Jemar. Sandra pulled me before JR could follow her to the seats so I end up being in-between them. They don’t talk to each other but I can see the continuous side glancing of JR to look at Sandra who is avoiding him.

‘Oh gosh this is so awkward.’ I said in my mind as I look at the bible in my hand.

“Hey, Riri you okay?” I look up to see Jemar looking back at me; they are currently sitting on the chair in front of ours.

“I- I think so; don’t worry I’ll be fine.” I whisper back as I beam at him and he smiles back.

After the mass and the blessing of our items we decided to hit the road and enjoy the rest of our day at the park. While we are waiting to the others who left just as we entered the fast-food chain I look at both Sandra and JR who are as silent as Sandra glued her attention to her cellphone. JR on the other hand is frequently looking at her. I can see the total piss in his face as he sees Sandra smiling into a text as she digs into her phone.

“Sandra what’s that, who texted you?” I ask in curiosity since she keeps on smiling and giggling while looking at her phone. I am just trying to break the ice hopefully.

“I meet this guy in our family reunion; he is a friend of one of my relatives. He for what reason manages to get my number to my cousin and now he keeps on texting me every time he had a time, asking how is my day or so. He is such a sweet and thoughtful guy. Not to mention he is also handsome. See.” Sandra said smiling then she shows me a picture of her standing beside a cute guy. I swear JR also glances to see and his expression changed.

“Oww I can see that, uhmnnn so how long has it been?” I ask as I casually glance into JR’s reaction, I feel my throat tighten seeing how he clenches his fist on top of the table. I nearly laugh seeing his unpainted reaction.

‘Should I go along with this? His expression is funny to watch plus... this can be a good punishment for him, right?’ I said in my mind as I smile wickedly.

“Hmnnn, I think about a week ago. I tried ignoring him but he is so persistent. He even came see me at home when I said I can’t reply him since I’M SICK that time. He came visit me and even cook me some porridge. His so kind and caring… unlike any boyfriend out there who don’t even care to call and ask how you are doing or don’t even text at all. Ahmmnnnn then he even asks me if I have a boyfriend and if it’s okay for him to court me?” Sandra said still unmindful to JR’s burning face, she must be doing this on propose I think it’s her way to show JR what he is missing.

“What- What did you say?” I said glancing at JR.

“I said its okay he can court me. I’m not yet married anyway. So he just started coming to court me last Friday.” Sandra said making me confirm that she is really doing this on purpose.

JR suddenly stands and then I heard his seat bangs against the floor when it falls. I look at him to see his unpainted expression. Sandra ignored it still fixed into her cellphone.

“I- I’m sorry.” JR softly said as he fixes his chair back and sits quietly.

I look at each of them as they both try hard to keep quiet and ignore each other. I don’t like them this way; this day must be fun and all. I can’t take the drama anymore so I suddenly stand and grab hold of both their shoulders since for what reason they are sitting wherein I am in between, AGAIN. They both confusedly look up at me.

“O- KAY you guys, I don’t like what you two are doing. You both are my friends so if you keep this up I might suffocate. Talk things through and settle your problems. Ohh come ON you two, graduation day is coming. Don’t forget you’ve been together for 4 years now; against all odds you always end up together. I-I really don’t like seeing you two like this.  I’m sorry.” I said before sighing and walking out of there.

I glance back at them to see them looking at each other Sandra said something and JR spoke so I turn to continue walking away when I swear I heard a loud slap I turn again to see Sandra looing so flushed and angry while JR is holding his reddening left cheek. Sandra must have slapped him right to his face. I sigh then continue to walk when I saw them calmly talking again. I meet the others and convinced them that we take another table so that the two can talk things through. 

“Hey- hey what do you think is happening with the two?” Jemar asks me as I eat my food silently.

“No idea, I hope they will talk to each other and fix things through. I can’t enjoy this day with them being as cold as ice to each other. By the way, how is your graduation preparation going?” I ask trying to change the subject, I look at him smiling.

He handed me a plate of buttered chicken as I take one piece before he returned it to its place. The husband and wife in front of us are in a world of their own so we can talk without thinking of what they will say, I look at Jemar’s face and then I have this craziest thought.

“Je do you… like me… really-really like me?” I ask still looking at his face.

He suddenly chokes on his food as he reaches for the juice beside him. When he is now fine he reddens as he looks at me while I tried looking away.

“I do; I never have I felt this way before. I promise you, I’ll never make you cry or break your heart. That is a promise that I am sure to keep.” He said with his serious gaze as I look into my plate and sigh.

“I see; then… can you still wait even though you’ve already waited for two years?” I said still trying to make my surprise for him to be unexpected.

I fletch in surprise when he suddenly grabs hold of my left hand on top of the table. I look up at his face to see him seriously looking at me.

“I can. This is not a rush decision so I understand you. I am still willing to wait whatever you decide.” Jemar said making my heart flatter.

How on earth that a cute and smart guy falls in love to a chubby nerd like me? I only hope that everything he has said is all true and from his heart…… I can’t afford heartbreak on my first love life ever. Our attentions are caught by both Sandra and JR walking towards us, by the look into their faces they must have talked things through. That will be a big relief.

“U-Uhmnnnn guys, we-we really are so sorry. The way we acted was so childish and amateur. We didn’t think that our pity fight will cause you all to feel unhappy and troubled. W-we really are sorry.” JR said as they stand beside us looking so apologetic.

“Well, have you two already settled things through and made up?” asks Sheena now looking up at them as she drinks her juice.

Somehow our companions have also noticed and feel that tightening aura from the two while we are all together since the morning.

“Yap, thanks to Riri giving as some scolding we wake up from our constant fight. I’m really sorry Riri.” Sandra said and I smile while shaking my head.

“Now, time to enjoy before our big day 3 days from now!” I cheered and everyone brightens.

Thankfully the two are back to their usual selves. This causes us all to enjoy and spend our day together happily. Thank goodness I thought they will never make up. What a big relief it was. I wonder… will my plan on graduation day be a success or people might think that I am a fool for doing such surprise. What will Jemar’s reaction be? Will he be happy or not?

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Alicia B
Hahaha a good way to punish a ghosting boyfriend

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