Chapter 5: Graduation Heartbreak

Finally, graduation is here, I’ve already rehearsed everything I will say to Jemar. I am looking at my full reflection looking at the clothes I wore. My mind seems to be unsettled while I think of what will Jemar reaction be. It is like an old film replaying into my mind thus making me nervous even more.

“Perfect Riri but… what about that box? What’s in it?” I turn to see my brother Charles walking towards me holding my newly ironed toga.

“Ummnnnn oh yes, I nearly forgotten about that.” I said as I open the box to reveal that mysterious necklace I bought from the antique shop.

I am looking at it as if a baby chick will pop out of its shell. Somewhat it made me nervous remembering what happened when I touched that necklace and that THING I saw, if not an imagination.

“Ohhh, that’s a lovely necklace.” My brother Charles said as he takes the necklace out from its box that I am holding.

He unclips the lock and then slides it into my neck from behind. The necklace has this chain lock and is like those worn by slaves that have this lock necklace, the difference is that the necklace is so beautiful and looks so expensive. The storekeeper said that he doesn’t know anything about the necklace since he is only filling in for his grandfather who is the owner of the antique shop.

In the end I end up buying the suspicious necklace which a shock that it only costs me 1500 pesos but when I and Sandra check it into a pawn shop the necklace was worth 500 thousand pesos or more, shocking right? The pawn shop keeper said that the chain is pure gold and the gem stones are high priced gems thus making the price high. I was feeling guilty and wanted to return it back to the antique shop but thinking that I will need it for graduation plus the pawn shop guy must have made a MISTAKE I end up forgetting about what the pawnshop keeper said.

“Wohhh! So Am I in the right room or I’m just looking at a wallpaper now.” We turned to see Aaron coming into my room.

Since it is my graduation day everyone is here to support me. Dad and my brothers are here also the makeup artists hired by them who are now standing on the corner admiring their own work came. Dad is preparing in the other room because he is going to be my marching partner. It was supposed to be mom but she won’t make it since she is on a mission site in Egypt, it’s sad but this is life so I just suck it all up.

“Oh, Aaron you made it. I see, Suvana nice to see you also made it.” Big brother Roven said as he waves to Suvana.

Suvana is Aaron’s longtime girlfriend and she is a wonderful lady, she owns and manages her own Flower shop. Her father is also a friend of our father so everything works out for well them, lucky Aaron. She and my brother Aaron are together since college. It’s so cool since Suvana supports my brother to his chosen career even though all my brother’s girl fans are her rivals.

“Suvana, Aaron it’s really nice to see you are here. How do I look?” I said as I turn in front of them.

“You look lovely.” Suvana said as she shoves a small strand of loose hair into my ear.

Then, I am taken back when they all suddenly hug me tightly as they congratulate me. Finally, I’m graduating and this day I will finally have my first boyfriend, hopefully it will work out well.

After the long ceremony and boring speeches of people, the ceremony ends.

“Oh my! Finally, the ceremony is done. So-so are you now ready to.... you know.... tell Jemar what you feel towards him?” Sandra said after our parents left us to the school ground after we all came out of the gymnasium.

“Well, hopefully I won’t get cold feet in the middle. But.... where did he go? I’m very sure I told him to see me after the ceremony.” I said as I relentlessly look around hoping to see him somehow.

“I- I think I saw him and MJ going towards the second building. Let’s go and catch up with them hopefully there are no people there so you can confess to him now.” Sandra said with this teasing smile in her face making me blush to the thought of it.

We run towards the 2nd building forgetting that we are in our heels and toga. We ask someone whom we know that are taking some photos on the 2nd building and they directed us to an empty room right at the ground floor.

“So- so, what are they doing down there? Are they alone somehow?” Sandra asks as I also begin to think.

“No I’m not sure if they are both there but I saw Jemar enter that room.” The person we ask on the hallway said before she left.

Shock and confused we look at each other as Sandra texts the others to come for the surprise we prepared. After a few more minutes Sheena, JR and one of our friends Grace came holding the items we have agreed to take. Sheena hand Sandra the other balloon and the 3 red roses to me, JR is holding another balloon so does Grace.

“O- kay so this is it right, good luck to you. And..... don’t get scared okay.” JR said making me laugh lightly as he signs me a thumbs up.

“So……… is this the room? I thought you will do it in the PE room?” Grace said and I take a deep breath to calm myself.

“W-Well, since he is here and no people are here so……… why not here” Sandra said.

“My my my, where our princess is we will be there to help and support.” We all turn to see my brother Aaron, Charles and Vince walking towards us.

“Okay, so where is the childish one?” Sandra asks as they give me a side hug.

“Roven is being held by dad. You can’t possibly trust him when he doesn’t trust anyone in regards to you Riri. So let’s go with this, let’s be clear on one thing okay… it is just being a girlfriend and boyfriend relationship yet, right?” my brother Charles said making me sigh and nod.

I nervously twist the door knob and we all walk in shouting “surprise” as the guys raise the cardboard that says “can you be my boyfriend?”

“Jemar, CAN YOU BE........” I stop saying because I am frozen to what I just see.

It appears that the surprise is on us. Everyone is also frozen while I drop the flowers that I am holding in to the floor before me. The others slowly and weakly put down the cardboard they are holding and the balloons. On the corner, there stood Jemar and MJ. The most shocking and painful part is that MJ is hugging him while they are kissing. They are both surprise as they look at us looking as if they were caught by their parents stealing money. Jemar look at me as my tears drop into the cold floor.

“YOU!” I heard my brothers utter in pure disbelief as I process my mind to what is happening and to what I must do but I am so blanked.

“Jemar you are a jerk! MJ you’re the worst!” Sandra screams as we all look at them as they both separates immediately.

We all know that MJ has this huge crush towards Jemar but we thought she got over him when he started courting me. I never even realized that he was courting me, I thought he and MJ are having a mutual understanding since they are always together not until Sandra told me that he is indeed courting me. I am so stunned…… really stunned. But this, I am not really expecting this; the pain is too much for me to bear.

“P-Please wait! Let me explain, it’s not what you all think. I can explain what really is happening. Riri listen we were.......” I didn’t let him finish, still torn and in tears I run away from there forgetting that stinging pain from my heels.

“RIRI TRUSTED YOU, JEMAR YOU JERK!” I heard Sandrea screams as I strode out of the room.

I can’t listen and process his explanations at this rate. I am so stunned and hurt to even think of a logical reason so I just run……… run away from him.  I am running out of nowhere I swear I can still hear Jemar running after me but I just run and run. My thought, my vision and my heart hurts so much. I can’t believe I was fooled and I fall deeply in love with him. It really is breaking my heart.

“I was so wrong. Why? Why have I not thought of this ever happening? I might have prepared myself. Why me? My brother Roven is so right. Why did you do this to me? I hate you Jemar for playing with my emotions and making me hope for 2 years. DAMN YOU, JEMAR!” I said as I slowly drop to the floor seeing that I am now in the back building of our gymnasium, feeling like a sole loser despite of the happy occasion and atmosphere from the cheering people on the gym’s front I burst in tears hugging my knees.

Suddenly I feel this vibration in the necklace I wore making me try to take it off but to no avail it won’t badge. Then I heard a giggling giggles resounding around me.

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