Chapter 8: Evening in Evetora-Wankaka bird

I am shock upon entering the old house, Lana is happily swaying as she looks into my reaction.

“Wow- Wow Lana, this place is.....”

“Amazing right? In this way you won’t feel unsafe and afraid staying in here? It looks ugly and scary outside but inside is different. Plus I assure you that inside is so safe for both us.” Lana said happily.

“H-how did you know how to make something like this, I mean......”

“Mostly, I used my magic and designed it to what I have seen and observed in your world like those kitchen styles and the living room. The appliances and furniture are also from the normal world... your world. I thought, this might make you feel a little better. Being on a different world and place is scary; I’ve been there so I know how you feel. So…… is it okay?” Lana said looking like a cute child asking for her mother’s permission.

“I love it, it’s perfect. Thank you for doing this for me, I will be fine so you should not worry about me.” I said as I look around the inside of the house.

The inside of the house is too different from outside. It’s just like in the Korean Drama Hotel De Luna I watched wherein the hotel is so small from the outside but the inside is like the inside of a palace with wide rooms and beautiful furniture. The inside of the house is wide and has a second floor but outside it’s just a small old house with its wrecked sight. Lana is right, magic does everything.

“Now, you need new clothes. It should have the touch of Evetora and a little bit from your usual style from the normal world hmnnnn. Your clothes are lovely so…… aha! How about something a little like this?” Lana said and she waves her hand.

I am amaze as I look at my entire clothes as it glows really bright. I have to cover my eyes with my hand because of the intense brightness. When the light fades I uncover my eyes to see my clothes changed. I am beyond amaze and beyond awed to see how lovely the clothes I’m wearing now.

“Oh thank you Lana. It is so lovely.” I said as I slowly spin around to see my clothes wholly.

“You’re welcome. I’m just happy you like it.” Lana said as she giggles with me in happiness.

I am now wearing a lovely black dress same design and style with my previous dress but the white belt is now replaced with vine like belt with white daisy flowers as design. Now the dress is not above my knee but now on my thigh. I won’t like my dress like that if I’m barelegged but my thigh down to my legs are wrap into this vine like strings with leaves and flower designs that is now covering my bare skin. The amazing part is that I don’t feel cold or even itch, normally every time I’ll try wrapping vines in my body I feel so itchy. Also I am now wearing green cotton boats designed with golden drawings with 2 inch flat heels.  My hair that was fixed by the make-up artists my family hired into a lovely knot is now hanging freely on my shoulders, now curly and a few strands are artistically designed into my back. Some colorful flowers are also designed with it.

“Now you look more like a fairy princess but special and different ways. We can rest here until you settled. Your body, mind and emotions need to adapt to Evetora or you might end up easily persuaded by darkness. You will be okay; I know you are stronger than any other human back in your world. Why would that necklace chose you if you are weak and easily tinted by darkness. You must have been chosen for a reason, you will be fine.” Lana said reassuring me but I know that it is just a bit of it, there is more to Evetora than just being a magical place.

And Lana is right; I might be here for a reason to. The question is what reason? We rest for a while until Lana decides that we need to go hunting to the forest for food. I liked the idea since I’m an adventurer fanatic and I longed for thrills all this time. Being stock to home school routine will make you desire for trills to like me.

“So- So Lana, find something yet?” I ask as I follow her.

Lana is still in her human size as she leads the way while looking around. I look around the forest while looking for some fruits or anything at all. The problem is, trees and plants in here are not like to what we have on earth. Size, shape, color and types are all oddly different to. That is also why I can’t distinguish which is edible and which is not.

“No, but I am sure there must be something out here that we can eat. This is a forest for all we know.” Lana said still focus on looking around.

I sigh then smile as I look around. I suddenly stop when I see a cage hanging on a tree brunch and a big bird inside weakly struggling to get out. I immediately climb the tree which is a little too hard since I’m wearing a dress. When I reach the branch where the cage is hanging I slowly slide towards it and then pull the rope that is holding the cage. The big bird with a brownish color and a size of a chicken starts to struggle then it weakly stop; it looks like it is slowly losing breaths.

“Oh, come on! How on earth can this cage be unlocked?” I said as I look at the metal cage that is so rusty like it was there for a long time.

I see a latch that is connected to a small door of the cage so I unlock it and slowly put inside the cage my hand until I reach the latch of the upper that will open widely. I slowly pull out my hand hoping that the bird won’t suddenly attack my hand, or do something painful to it. I open the top lead then reluctantly pick the weak and dying bird. It sure is heavy and the feathers are so soft yet weirdly different than any feather I have touched back at my world. I check its body to see a big cut on its right foot.

“Princess, what are you doing up there!? I’ve been looking for you, you suddenly disappeared behind me.” I look down to see Lana shouting right down me.

I look at her and see the basket she is carrying full of different kinds of fruits that I never seen before. It is unusual kinds of fruit that doesn’t exist to the place I came from. The fruits have these weird colors and shapes.

“Sorry Lana I saw this cage and this big bird caught in it. I thought I can save it but…… it seems like it is already dying.” I answer back as I show her the now lifeless bird I am holding.

I swear I see Lana looking so shock seeing the bird I am holding.

“What’s wrong Lana?” I ask in confusion. Don’t tell me this bird is dangerous or something?

“Come down and let me see it. Here, toss the poor creature towards me so you can come down. I might be seeing it wrong but I think that bird is a Wankaka.” Lana said. Wankaka, WHAT? What the heck is that?

I toss the mysterious bird towards Lana who catches it nicely. I’m still confused but I slowly slide down the tree and look at her when I safely land down on the ground. I see how she amazedly looks at the now lifeless bird. I walk closer to her and look at the bird she is holding. It’s like I said, it’s brownish and has this yellowish beck. It has a greenish talons and its head has this reddish highlight. Its colors are weird to. This bird is really out of my world kind of creature.

“Look princess, you are blessed by the forest to have found a Wankaka bird.” Lana said holding up to me the bird with this excited and surprised expression in her face.

“I- I don’t know what you mean Lana, explain.”  I said still thinking that this fairy is kind of weird to.

“Ahmnnn sorry princess I forgot, you know nothing about Evetora yet. Well, Wankaka birds are the rarest bird found in the forest. They are special because they are magical, HENCE the reason why hunters are crazy about this birds. One bird can cost 20 jewels.” Lana said looking at the bird.

“Excuse me, 20 jewels?” I ask looking at that bird, how can that be? How much is that in our world?

“20 jewels are like 200 thousand in your world Princess Riri. This is a magical healing bird. The one who will eat this; magical creature or normal person will be instantly healed if sick. Not also that, it can make anyone who eats it insusceptible to any kind of poisons.  Thought…… this must be cooked in a special way to make the magic effective. This is perfect for you Princess; once you eat this your body will immediately get familiarized to Evetora’s weather and atmosphere.  Plus it can make you insusceptible to poisons. Lucky for us, I know the special way on how they cook this magical creature. We only need the specific ingredients.” Lana excitedly said as she put the bird in her basket.

“O-kay, at least we found something to eat for dinner right?”  I said making Lana giggle then I look around the forest to see flying mysterious creatures on top of the trees.

Now this place is becoming weirder and scarier for me. If their birds are in that size, I wonder.... what other creatures I will see and discover in this place look like. Will I meet people to? Or, this forest will become our death and grave?

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