Chapter 10: Embarrassing Moment

We have been staying in this wrecked looking house for 4 days now, surviving by the aid of the forest and Lana’s magical powers. Lana already explained to me the minor details about Evetora and everything that I need to know to survive here like: the use of money here which is by jewels and worth are determined by their colors, use of medicinal plants and other information useful for me to survive.

“This falls is so pretty.” I said looking up to the beautiful waterfalls.

It is already high noon when Lana showed me this place where we can bath. The water is like sparkling diamonds and so magical with this rainbow colors it makes as it hits the ground.

“I know right, see I told you that you will like it here. Any way you can go on and bath while I look for something we can eat. Let’s have a lovely picnic here, would that be okay?” Lana said holding this basket that she places on the rock as she laid a blanket on the ground before carefully placing on the center the properly folded towel
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