Chapter 11: Ashder Dwen and Vlashmere the mysterious

“Riri, I’m sorry it took me long to come back…… who are you people? Get away from her!” we all turn to see Lana running towards us holding a sword on her hand as she drops a basket full of fruits.

It made me wonder where she might take that sword from but remembering that she is a magical creature, I just sigh in relief.

“Step away from her!” Lana said pointing the sword towards them.

“Lana easy, I’m okay they didn’t hurt me or anything.” I said as Lana walk towards my side making the three slowly walk back with their hand up in submission.

“Oh yah! Then why are you naked?” she said with her eyebrows up making my face redden as the thought of what happened came back to me then I tightly grasp my folded clothes and towel on my chest that the lady named Flora handed me a while ago.

“No I’m not, I WAS…… but they lend me this.... thingy.” I said with burning face.

Lana look at the 3 with a suspecting gaze before putting the sword she is pointing at them down to her side. The look in her fa
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