Chapter 12: Shabby old house and friends' backgrounds

I take a deep breath before looking at the house we live at. I wonder how they will react when they see the inside of it, but knowing Lana she must have made something about it. She said it in the first place; NO ONE should know that she is a fairy with magic.

“Here we are, this is where we momentarily live. I hope you are okay with its unsettling sight.” Lana said as she opens the run down door.

“This is better than sleeping on a cold night in the forest.” Flora said while Leo is holding her on her waist as they look at the worn-out house.

“I know this house; this was abandoned for a long time. H-How long have you been staying here?” Leo asks as they look at the old rundown house.

“A couple of days, we are just longing in before we go down and look for a proper place to stay in the kingdom.” Lana said opening the door that we manage to fix temporarily.

“I-I see.” Leo said as we follow Lana in, I am really waiting for their shock reaction but when I enter after them I am beyond shock
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