Chapter 18: Hawei Vancov

The man look at me then smiles making my face burns because he looks really handsome when he smiles. He reminded me of my dear brothers and it makes me yearn to see them. He reminds me most specially to my most reliable brother Roven. They have this cold type character but having a playful side that is catching to some.

“Hi Miss, the name is Hawie Vancov but I am well known as Wei. You must be very UNLUCKY to be with this fool. So, what can we call you, pretty Miss?” Wei said as he grins towards Leo who suddenly clinches his fist, I worriedly look at Leo hoping he is still keeping his cool.

“Ri- Rianne, My name is Rianne but just call me Riri and nice to meet you Mr. Wei.” I said trying to break this icy aura coming from both male that is suffocating me.

Wei look at me looking so surprised and impressed while I just look at him trying to be my normal self.

“What a dazzling, mysterious and brave woman…… quite charming to. Say Leo, where have you meet such lady? I am hoping if I can get
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