Chapter 21: Vlashmere's Dark Past

Lana looks at me as she drinks her tea while Flora is talking with Leo. I glance at them and seeing their happy faces I immediately look away after feeling this certain sting in my heart. I then look around the room to see Vlash silently glancing at Flora then looking away towards the window. I got this feeling that Vlash is also in love with Flora…… how complicated is that?

“So… Riri you made other friends? That is truly amazing and worrying at the same time. I am just glad you are fine now.” Lana said making me look at her.

“A-ah yes, the adventurers are quite nice I thought they are like those bunch of men who don’t give respect to a woman but it appears that they are nice despite their scary looks. I don’t like how they all look at me though.... I hate too much attention being on me.” I said as I take my cup of tea as Lana look at me with a smile.

Lana and the others return after a few hours when Leo and I return to the room. When I speak to Lana she explained me many things. One i
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