Chapter 78: Battle of Comios and Saving Vlash' parents

We announced in the morning that we are going to Comios and that the others are coming so King Levero and Queen Veronica will take over for a while. Those people from Comios are staying and I leave the baby to the woman giving her bottles of milk that she can feed the baby. We all are in the castle’s main court preparing to teleport to Comios’ outer gate.

“Are you all sure you will be okay with only 300 soldiers?” Demonica asks as Queen Veronica and King Levero are making a wider outline of a circle.

“We will be fine; they are the strongest and highly skilled among the other soldiers. If things get out of control we will send you a message to send us more soldiers. Don’t worry we will be careful.” Lana said as we all fix ourselves and holds our weapons really well.

“Alright, don’t forget to send us any news so we won’t worry that much.” Demonica said as Leo and Flora nod.

“Always be on your guard in here. We don’t know when enemies will come knowing we will be gone.” Leo said making
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