- HER-

How am I going to do it?

This question occupied most of my thoughts as I walked home back through the eerie and dark forest. My mind has been trying to come up with ways to catch that deer.

Faster than an arrow. Sacred to Artemis.

I cannot kill it or I’ll have to face Artemis. I am already on the bad side of one god, I don’t want to cross another and make this harder for me.

My nose wrinkled at the sight of the building I call home. With a deep sigh, I get in. I am greeted with Phoebe and Grace, both lingering in the living room couch, watching tv.

“Where were you at?” Phoebe asks as soon as she sees me enter the room. Grace’s attention is bought to me as well.

“Friend’s house.” I mutter under my breath as I stalk towards the stairs to go to my room.

“But you don’t have any friend!” Grace exclaims behind me and I ignore her as I start to climb the stairs. My mind is set on the second task. I have to complete it,

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