The Vampire King Mate
The Vampire King Mate
Author: MJ Opera


Vampires are dying. No, that is not right. They are being killed. Vince corrected his thoughts as he gritted his teeth, he mainly stirred clear of vampire politics and ruling. He left that to the primordials who were interested in other vampires adoration. He felt quite comfortable with his job as unofficial ruler of the primordials although he always protested loudly whenever it is voiced. He was the only sane primordial among the rest and he had a natural charisma which made the others to follow him, not to mention his ruthless fighting. Being alive for more than a millennium had a way of making you unfeeling and ruthless but he had always been ruthless right from the start.

Whenever there was trouble he was always the one to deal with it and now there was trouble again. Only this time the wariness is getting to him. He doesn't want to fight it. After fighting it for a thousand years, you get tired especially when you don't have anybody to fight for. He knew that he could not pass the burden to any one else, it will be too much for them. He cannot pass the burden to Jacob, it will make him dark and twisted, neither can he pass it to Elijah, he will just turn feral under the stress. He is an artist at heart. Celeb is already dark and twisted, the whole world will be covered in blood and Matthew will just break down. He is already the primordial who is ruling the Vampire world, he is like the official ruler whose strings are pulled by the other six primordials.

He could not even think about handing the burden to the females. Courtney is unhinged, she is ruthless just like him but she is a fighter and a protector. She takes care of the Vampire world in the shadows, eliminating threats before it turns into something big. He was surprised that this threat managed to escape and that fact alone means that he should be concern. Courtney makes sure he is not disturbed by the Vampire world but since this news is brought to him that means that it is beyond her power and he feels apprensive about the issue. Then his sister Jessica, the last primordial. Permanently struck in the body of a nineteen year old and a wanderer at heart. Putting her in this position will kill her and he is protective of his family. The primordials are his family and he won't let anything hurt them. Especially his sister and Jacob his best friend. He would protect them until his last breath and he intend to do that.

" I want you to get in touch with the rest primordials, a meeting will soon take place. Tell them to get ready. " Vince tells his butler who was standing before his desk with his head bowed at the command he lowers himself even more before he strode out of his study in his castle. The castle where few vampires have ever be in but all know it existed. Some vampires have legends about his home and it doesn't fail to amuse him anytime he hears the ridiculous ideas about what is going on in his castle.

He stood lost in his thoughts as he always does these days, not on purpose but because he is so old and had nothing keeping him interested in this world. Jacob has his fun with the vampires ladies and other paranormals, Elijah and Matthew have the ruling of the Vampire kingdom and Caleb has his art, Courtney has her hunting and his sister has her travels. He is always marvelled at her ability to see the world and enjoy the view even if she had been there about a decade earlier. He made her stick to vampires settlements and whenever he sees her, she always make him feel like a part of the family. It is almost time for her visits, in about a year, she will visit again.

" what is this I hear about a primordial meeting. Vince. " Jacob said as an announcement to his arrival as he teleported to his study.

" how do you know that I was here. " Vince asked Jacob.

" please. " Jacob snorted. " you are becoming more figid as time go by. There is no other place that you would be. "

" I am not getting figid. The world is getting loose. " Vince corrected but Jacob waved away his statement.

" same thing, just paraphrasing the statement. Why did you call for a meeting. " Jacob asked again.

" how did you know so quickly. " Vince asked.

" I was in my estate. A witch is angry with me for breaking her daughter's heart and I had to lie low for some time. " Jacob answered.

" you will get yourself in trouble one of these days. " Vince pointed out.

" you haven't answered my question. "

Vince breathes as he looks at his best friend. The only reason why Jacob is his best friend is because he refuse to let Vince stay alone and wallow in loneliness and also because of the fact that he was very stubborn. No matter how many times Vincent push him away he always come back and most times, more annoying than usual so Vince let him stay in contact most times.

" vampires are being killed. "

Jacob easy going expression which was always on his face to the extent that he wear it even as he kills whenever there is war left his face as his eyes turned hard about that news . It always made Vince wonder if he was born with his expression like that and he can count on his fingers the number of times he had seen the expression wiped off Jacob face.

" it is more than that isn't it. " Jacob asked. His actions, that of a father protecting his children. In a way all vampires are children of the primordials.

"the attack seems from the sorcerers and the shifters. " Vince added

" fuck. " Jacob cursed them as he moves around in barely restrained anger. Vince was sure that if this was Jacob estate, he would have destroyed a number of buildings by now. " we had a treaty with them. They broke it. "

" I don't think so. " Vince said. He knew that his notion will enter the ear of his fellow primordials and escape through the other ear.

" what do you think. " Jacob asked him.

" I think that, it something else. My spies in the witches and werewolves court say that they are experience the same issue as us. "

" I don't believe that and I know that it might be a fluke to throw the heat off their backs especially since they know that we have spies in their ranks. "

" it could be but it is still too early to throw some suspicions away. "

" I know. I will keep my ears on the ground to see what I can hear. " Jacob said. " fuck. I am going to need a warm body to fuck and drink from to banish this feeling from my guts. "

" you always need a warm body and a drink. " Vince reminding his friend that his excuse was not really an excuse.

" so. " Jacob asked as his teleported away. The primordials are the only one without that ability.

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