Vince was looking for his sister when he perceived  the most amazing smell  ever.  He knew at once that it was the blood of his mate, he stood frozen not knowing what he should do,  he had to decide  on that fact if he wanted to mate with her or if the danger is too much and he would leave her,  get his sister and deal with the  threat before  coming back to claim her.  The choice of his decision  was taken out of his hand when his mate came at him with supernatural  speed and latch onto his throat. At her bite he moans as he felt ecstasy.  Her venom was amazing.  Normally vampire vemons was pleasurable  when released into the blood stream but the bite from ones mate was double the pleasure.  He had not believed it before  but now he is  slowly  believing it and every other thing he heard about mated pairs.  Her bite was orgasmic.

    His eyes  snapped opened when he saw that vampires was closing him on him and his mate,  evading their space and bringing out their phones to record what is suppose to be a private moment  between  his mate and him.  Being the newest mated pair will certainly  give them attention,  that is if they can see them. 

    With that thought,  Vince wrapped  his hand around  his mate who was straining  to reach his neck so he hoisted her up and she wrapped  her legs around him and he growled  at the feeling  before he teleported  himself away from the vampires  who have too much curiosity  for their own good. At least they now know who is he.  After all it is only the primordials that have the power of teleportation and some other powers although they don't  let others see it. 

   He landed in his bed with his mate body in his hand as she started grinding on him and releasing little  noise that increased his pleasure  to the extent that he almost went blind from it.   He croons  in her ears as he waited for  her to have her fill of his blood and as she did,  he slowly  removed her jacket  as he made slow movements  so as not to dislodge her from his neck,  when the speed at which she was drinking his blood reduced, he smiled at her.  He hadn't  even seen her face yet but he could tell that she was a beauty,  she must have seen his face in her head since she was drinking his blood  but he wasn't  too sure. 

  When she finally  stopped drinking,  Vince was light headed.  She had taken so much and  must be feeling blotched.  The next thing he was suppose to do was to drink from her and he would.  After he have seen her face.  When she raised and head and looked queasy  with her eyes red like blood which represented the fact that she was blotched and she looked uncomfortable  as if she would soon retch so Vince took his fill on her look  as he calmed her then he bit into her neck and her cry of ecstasy  made his blood to rise.  He held her close as he drank from her but he noticed  that her hands were pulling at his clothes.  She wanted  to  have sex while taking blood and although most vampires  usually  wait until they  get to know each other before they fully mate,  it seems like she wanted it the other way.  She was completely  riding on her instincts  and Vince was trying to keep his senses with him although he almost  lost all of them. 

    When she gave a frustrated  whimper and grew her claws and sliced  through his shirt,  Vince lost the last shreds of his control he was trying to hold on to and he ripped apart her clothes....


  Some two hours later when the lust and thirst for each other blood had be satiated, Vince wrapped his hand around her as he stroke the top of her bare  breast as he waited for her to come down from her high.  He chuckled to himself when he remembered  what a wildcat she had been and felt his fangs descend.  No,  he needed to control himself  so  no more sex although  he knows that she will welcome  him with open arms  if he wanted to have another round at the moment. 

  Vince forced himself  to remove his mind for those memories as he thought about what this means.  He has a mate and he would do everything  possible  to protect her,  although she seems powerful and he sense that she has a lot of potential, he also sensed a kind of youngness around her,  she was a baby vampire.  Not up to a decade after being turned, if she was older she would have  been able to control her instincts  about his blood and would have calmly  looked for him and then they would get to know each other but she she was less than  a decade so she must have been thinking of instant gratification.

When she  rolled to him and mashed  her body to his trying get as close as she could while  she slept,  he reevaluated. She was  less than five years,  they were the  ones who always felt like sleeping after having sex and for her to just fall asleep like that and he didn't  even think  of it. Her movements  have been minimum  since she came so that means she must have fell asleep  immediately  and he knew that only happened to the two years  old and lesser.  Does  that means that he mate is less than two years.  He was practically  robbing the cradle.  Jacob will never allow him to live it  down but since he was the first primordial  to see his mate, Jacob will shut his mouth on the issue.

    He waited for his mate to wake up as he watch her face,  she was so beautiful  and he could see that she was an Enchanter but  he really didn't  care about her skills unless she cannot protect herself with them, then he would care. He knew that he  would have to take care of her training  since he refuse to let her out of his sight. 

    When her eyes started to flicker about thirty  minutes  later,  he pricked his finger as he brought it to his mate nostrils, they flared as she attacked  his finger with a viciousness that surprised him and when she tried to climb  on top of him,  he refused to allow her.  If  she does,  he knew that they would be fucking for many days without stopping and he really needed to know his mate. 

   When the wound healed,  she groans as she tried to prick his finger  again but he was faster than  her. He quickly  moved his finger out of her mouth and she looked up at his face.

    " we need to know each other  love,  we can't  keep biting and fucking and as much as I would love that,  you would be too sore to walk.  " Vince drawled .

  Gwen blushed as she looks at her mate. Her mind had calmed down and she remembered  all that happened.  " my  name is Gwen  sorry for attacking  you like that.  I don't  normally  attack others.  "

    " if you did,  I would be very angry and I would have suggested you give me their names so that I can kill them.  " Vince said as Gwen smiled at him.

    " I am Vince by the way.  Come on, let's go feed you something  other than my blood.  " Vince said as he stood up and pulled Gwen to him as she wrapped her legs around him  and rested her head on his shoulders.  When the smell of his blood reached her nostrils,  she was tempted  to take a bite. 

   " don't  even think about it. Gwen.  " Vince warns

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