Arriving in Vince kitchen made Gwen wonder about where she was. She had been pretty content about everything since feeling the bond that made her complete and she knew that Vince will always protect her but now, she wanted to know some facts. Like for example where was she, this is certainly not her in her street since her street was full of apartments buildings and place is clearly a mansion.

When Vince dropped her on the counter and turned to heat some blood up for her she grinned at his back, clearly he liked to take warm blood and didn't know that she doesn't take preference if it was hot or lukewarm. She slipped from the counter as she moved to meet him as she wrapped her arms around his waist and rest her head on his back.

" Gwen, what are you doing. " Vince asked as he felt her head through the shirt that he quickly threw on.

" I just want to remain in contact with your skin. " Gwen replied as she buried her nose in his back and took in a deep breathe, his scent filled her as her mind went dizzy and unfocused.

Vince chuckles at her reply as he poured the blood into a cup. He turns as her head met his chest, she is a lot shorter without her heels. " here drink up. "

Gwen smiled at him as she took the cup and went to sit on top of the counter but Vince redirected her to a chair. " why" she asked looking at him with a bemused expression on her face.

" since I am watching you now, we might end up in bed together instead of having this conversation. You are much too temptation on the counter. "

Gwen smiled at his answer as she moved to the chair and sat down drinking her cup of blood with unhurried ease.

" how old are you. " Vince asked Gwen as he sips from his own cup. He didn't need blood as much as a fledgling need it and he could stay a month without blood sometimes although his sister warned him never to try that again.

" I am 23. " Gwen said as he looked at her mate face. She didn't need to ask him his age to know that he is very old. He would be nothing less than two hundred and fifty years and the power that clutch to his skin was electrifying and also the fact that he has a house like this. It all can mean only one thing. Vince is old and powerful.

" vampire years. " Vince corrected.

" a year. " Gwen said.

Vince chuckles, " I am practically robbing the cradle. " he mumbles but Gwen heard him and she got angry at that statement.

Vince head shoot up as he felt the rage in the bond and looked at Gwen who was glaring at him and also wearing a hurt expression. " Gwen, " he started...

" do you regret mating with me. " Gwen asked in a hurt tone.

" hell no. " Vince said as he walked her and knelt in front of her. " I don't . You will be an amazing powerful vampire and I will be right by your side as your mate. "

" then why did you say that. "

" because it is true. I am old, too old for you. But I am never letting you go. "

" 250 years is not that old. " Gwen said dismissively as Vince froze.

" you think that I am 250 years. " Vince asked and when Gwen nodded, he laughs.

" how old are you. " she asked him as he smiles.

" way older than 250 years. " Vince said.

Gwen knew that he wouldn't tell her his age so she changed topic. " are you involve in vampire politics. "

Vince fake a shudder as he picked up his cup. " nope. I hate it. " he said as he drank everything in his cup and took her empty cup too and went to the sink to rinse it.

Gwen looked around and Vince noticed. " what. " he asked her.

" how can you afford a house like this if you are not involve in the ruling of vampires. "

" I am involved in the ruling of vampires. I am just not involved in politics. " Vince corrected.

" how can you be involved in one without the other. " Gwen questioned.

" there is a way and since you are my mate. You will know soon. " Vince said and left it at that.

Gwen left the topic alone since she could sense that Vince didn't want to talk about it. She is already knowledgeable about his moods and behavior.

" where are we. "

" in my castle . " Vince answered evasively.

" Castle, I thought it was mansion. " Gwen said excitedly. " I would love a tour. " Vince nodded his approval as Gwen looked at him. " I changed my mind, you are about 500 years. "

" why the increase. " Vince asked with humor.

" because I felt like increasing the age. I would like to go to my home now. " Gwen said.

" you can't leave. " Vince said confused why did she chose to leave all of a sudden.

" why. " Gwen asked with her eyebrows raised.

Vince breathed. " a lot of people might be after you. "

" why. "

" because you are mated to me. " Vince said and when she still looked confused he knew he had to explain or she will be so hard headed about leaving and he rather have her in his castle willingly than tied to his bed because she tried to escape him.

" I teleported here with you. " he said hoping that she would take the hint and know that he is a primordial.

" so? " She asked in confusion.

" have you done your primordials study yet. " Vince asked.

" no, I did vampires history last month and I heard about the primordial then. " Gwen offers.

" only primordials have the power to teleport. " Vince tells her as she grins.

" but you can teleport. " Gwen pointed out and when Vince just stared at her without saying anything she continues. " but you are five hundred years old, the Vampire war was over a millennium. "

" no, darling. You decided that I am five hundred years old. I never said anything about it. " Vince corrected.

" then how old are you. " Gwen asked with her hands folded across her chest.

" fifteen hundred. " Vince said as she stares at him. " and a primordial. "

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