Gwen sat in the den a month later as she smiled at what her life had turned to. When Vince told her that he was a primordial, she had not believed him and he just gave her a patronizing smile and asked her if she knew the face of the the primordials who rules the vampires directly. She snapped at him that she was young not dumb and he did a video call with them and although they were busy, they answered the call and started to talk about issues concerning vampire but she was numb. Her mate was vampire royalty and not the primordials easily seen, no. One of the rare ones that kept to himself and whose existence was shrouded in mystery because historians have not really had the chance to view his life since he guarded his privacy a lot.

When he left the conversation, she apologized for doubting him and had done everything he told her to do which included packing into his castle. Although she had agreed that she might need alone time, some times he gave her an entire wing in his castle to do whatever she pleases then he shut down her training program and had started to train her himself. They tried defense training for the first two weeks only for it to end up in the bed room where they spend hours having sex instead of training.

After two weeks, she had forced him to get her a training coach and he reluctantly agreed and sent for one. Not that it also helped as anytime the coach hands come in contact with her. Vince was ready to kill the coach and within the short time frame of two days, Vince declared that he could no longer take the torture and decided that she didn't need to train, that he will always be there to protect her.

Now she was bored out of her mind. She was already done with her next month reading and Vince was busy. He was right when he said that he was involve with the ruling of the Vampire world but he wasn't in politics. He spent a large amount of each day going over documents and making decisions that affect the lives of thousands of vampires.

Her phone rang bringing her out of her thoughts as she searched for her phone. When she finally saw it buried under a mountain of throw pillows, she quickly answered the call.

" hello. " she answered

" how are you girl. I miss you " Ashley said as Gwen froze.

" Ashley. " she asked unsure.

" if you have forgotten my voice I am disfriending you this minute. " Ashley said in an angry tone.

" I haven't forgotten your voice. " Gwen scoffs. " I just miss you. How did you get my new number. "

" please. I charmed Colby. " Ashley said.

. " hey, I thought you were straight. " Gwen questions.

" I am bi. " Ashley droned.

" and here I was thinking that you were just bearing me anytime I ramble about boys. " Gwen said as Ashley laughs.

" I can't believe that you just left just like that without tell your best friend. And then you disconnected your line and couldn't even reach out for me. "

" I didn't know your number. " Gwen said defensively.

" not an excuse Gwen and you know it. " Ashley drawls.

" I have been busy. "

" of course you have. You just met your mate so I expect nothing else from you. But it still hurts. "

" I am sorry. I really miss you. " Gwen said lowly.

" well, I didn't. My cookies are safe. " Ashley retorted as Gwen let out a laugh.

" you are such a liar. " Gwen tutted and before Ashley could protest she added. " I know you miss me because no other person gets your jokes like I do and can stand you when you are obsessed about a new pastery you are working on. "

Ashley kept silent before he replied in a quiet tone. " careful Gwen before your mate will think that you love me. "

" if he thought about anything like that. Believe me when I say that you wouldn't be alive. "

" so what is the news about him. Is he anybody I know. " Ashley asked in a jovial tone.

" depends on who you know. " Gwen fielded.

" you don't want to tell me who he is. " Ashley asked his tone clearly showing that he was hurt.

" not, that. He just values his privacy, I will ask him first before I can tell you. " Gwen replied.

" so not even a teeny bit about him. " Ashley asks.

" he is hot and great in bed. " Gwen drones as Ashley laughs.

" careful or I might steal him from you. " Ashley said as Vince walked into the room and Gwen noticed him.

" you wish you can but you can't, he is mine and mine alone. " Gwen said to Ashley who purred at her.

" you are turning feisty girl. "

" whatever Ash, he is in the room and I gotta go. " Gwen said with her eyes locked on Vince own as he advanced to her.

" okay dear. Keep in touch. " Ashley said as he ended the call.

" who was that. " Vince asked as Gwen removed the phone from her ear as reached for Vince who settled in on the couch besides her and pulled her to him at the same time.

" my best friend Ashley. Not human, vampire. " Gwen replied as she started nibbling on Vince neck.

" you were bored, why. " Vince asked as he tried to concernate on the conversation.

" I am done with this month study and you are always busy. "

" why didn't you come to my study. " Vince asked as he grips her thighs

" didn't want to disturb you. " Gwen said as she blows on his neck and Vince released a moan.

" you are very distracting Gwen. " Vince said as he grips her thighs tighter as he tries to control his lust.

" you want me to stop. " Gwen asked as she grinded on his laps.

" don't you dare stop. " Vince moans.

" I miss you today. You left the bed a little too early for my liking. " Gwen said as she bit his ear.

" I had a lot of documents to go through. " Vince said as his hands started helping her move on his laps.

" I needed blood today. " Gwen told him.

" you didn't drink today. " Vince asked her confused.

" no. I meant that I needed your blood today. " Gwen said as she bit into his neck and Vince roars out in pleasure as everywhere went white. Only Gwen can do this to him, only Gwen can make him cum from drinking his blood. He planned in repaying her back. He lifted her as he walked out of the room.

. " where are we going. " Gwen asked raising her head from his neck.

" back to bed. " Vince tells her as he kissed her not minding his blood that strained her mouth then guided her head back to his neck again. When she latched on again. His eyes rolls in his head but he continued walking not minding the wet spot that was increasing in front of his trousers.

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