Carmen's Diary
Carmen's Diary
Author: Phoenix Redstone


    "Do you want any book from the library?"I smiled as I looked at Cody, my little brother. He was only 8 years old and already carried a lot of problems on his shoulders. 

      "Yes! Yes! Yes!"he shouted excitedly and gave me his silly toothy smile. 

      We don't pay for the books. We have a ticket and when we show it to the librarian, he gives us the approval to borrow  maximum eight books for the whole week. 

      We were near the library so I suggested to take him there. He was such a bookworm. I also loved reading a lot, so this ticket was all our lives.

      "I miss Simba. Should we give her a visit"I heard a long dramatic gasp which made me break in a fits of laughter "You're a drama king, Coco"I saw him frown and knew exactly why he was annoyed. He hated being called a drama king"I know you hate this name."

      "You know Car, I never read the new book. It's called Costasit. My friend Alex at school has been saying it's pretty awesome."

      I nodded and sighed. I gave him the ticket and told him to enter before walking outside and sitting on a bench. 

      "Oh look who's there! Carmen the car-man"I rolled my eyes as I heard the familiar voice. It was Andy, my high school bully. After graduating, I never saw neither him nor his nasty friends. 

      I ignored him and kept on looking as cars passed by. I wished I had entered the library and picked a book. Ugh, I'm so stupid!

      "Don't pretend that you're not hearing me"he played with my hair, still standing beside me.

      "Live your life, Andy. Forget about me and go!"I stood up and faced him. 

      "Oh, are you answering back?"he came closer and his black eyes glared at mine. His dirty blonde hair was touching my forehead from the close distance. 

      I felt Andy's cold hand wrap around my neck tightly which caused my legs to lift up a little from the floor. 

      "S-stop please"I cried out. Tears streamed out of my eyes heavily. One of them went down and landed on his face. 

      "You're disgusting!"he screamed as he grabbed my hair and threw me on the floor. 

      I landed on the street with a loud scream coming out of my mouth. My sobs filled the block. "Please. Please. I beg you, leave me alone"I struggled with talking. I kept on hiccuping and crying. 

      He called me with some bad names before leaving me laying on the floor. 

      I crawled up on my knees and wiped my tears away. All I thought about was Cody. I couldn't, I just couldn't leave him. What would he do alone in this life?

      Why was I even thinking about this? I would never leave him. He's all I have and I would always be his only supporter. 

      I took my sac and walked inside the library. First, I took a look at the mirror in the corridor, making sure that I didn't seem like I was crying and walked to where Cody was. 

      I stood beside him and searched for a book to pick. I started rubbing my neck and relieving the pain in my neck. Why are people so horrible nowadays? Is technology the reason that turned them to monsters?! 


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