Parkinson Disease

Carmen's pov


I looked at Cody's angelic face as he was sleeping peacefully. "Oh my poor brother, it's so heartbreaking to see you like that. I wish you are always this peaceful. Either awake or asleep"I muttered to myself.  


"Miss"I heard someone say. I raised my head and smiled weakly at the doctor"I have something to tell you. Please come with me to my office"I nodded and glanced at Cody before leaving his hand hesitantly.  


We walked to his office and I sat down in front of his desk.  


"I'm not so sure about the results here but we have to make some tests"he looked at me seriously.  


"Tests for what?" 


"Parkinson. There is a high chance he might have it. A person has Parkinson when they have weakness in their blood. Patients of this disease need a surgery to be saved. The first symptom is getting dizzy which I think happened to your brother and that's why he fell and hit his head. If the donation surgery didn't happen in the right time, the patient may not survive and fight this disease. After some time, patients will faint, walk hardly to the point where they would never walk again, stutter while talking and have pink-red spots on their body. It's a dangerous disease"he informed.  


"Oh my god. Does Cody have Parknison?"I asked worriedly.  


"Parkinson"he corrected "We're not sure if he does, that's why we will do the tests. You have to come tomorrow so we would know"I nodded.  


"Okay we will come. When can we go home?"I wiped my tears.  


"You can now"I nodded again and was opening the door when his hand stopped me.  


"Don't worry beautiful, he'll be okay"he whispered in my ear. Shivers went down my spine as I rushed outside. While walking, I heard a laugh. Was he laughing at me? What a jerk! 


I opened the door of the room where Cody was in and smiled.  


"Wakey Wakey little boy, it's time to wake up"I kissed his forehead as he opened his eyes tiredly.  


"I don't wanna go to school" he pushed me away gently with his eyes closed. I laughed at him. 


"No silly boy, it's not time to go to school." 


"Carmen, did they find us?" He hiccuped as tears rolled down his cheeks.  


"No! Never, don't worry I will always protect you. I'm here"I hugged him as he cried and probably ruined my shirt "We're safe"I rubbed his back soothingly and whispered calm words in his ear.  


"Then what happened? Where are we?"he asked after he had calmed down.  


"You just fainted and probably hit your head with something so some blood came out. I was just so worried but I promise, it's nothing"I forced a smile, trying to find a believable lie to tell my younger brother"Nothing other than that"I lied.  


Back then, I didn't know if I would regret that I lied to him. That I promised him that it's nothing. But, could I really keep that promise?

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