But It's Saturday

   Bright sunlight poured in through the window and washed over Carmen's face. The warmth of her skin slowly lured her from her deep sleep. Her eyelids parted only to slam shut, blocking her brilliant light. The 24 year old rose and propped herself up on one elbow. She slowly rubbed her eyes with her free hand. Squinting, she let her eyes get accustomed to the sunlight - the very bright sunlight. 

  Too Bright!

  What time is it? She must have overslept. Cody must be late to school.  

  Carmen swung her legs off the bed "Why didn't Cody wake me?"She asked herself as she stumbled out of the tangle of sheets. She rushed to the bathroom and washed her face and dried it before walking out. 

  Carmen stopped and looked around her bedroom. Where was Cody? He always slept with her because there was no other room for him to sleep. They were used to sleep with each other since Cody was so attached to her, even before their parents' death. So, it wasn't something new. 

  Carmen thought about the interview that was planned on Monday. After two days. Should she go and try her chance in acting? Her childhood's dream work. 

  She jogged outside, searching for her brother. She felt her heart melt as she spotted him sitting on the sofa, eating cheese and watching his favorite cartoons 'Three Bare Bears'. To be honest, it was her favorite too!

  "Why didn't you wake me? You must be late to school. What's the time"She scolded him. 

  "But today is Saturday. I don't have school"he shrugged innocently. 

  Oh yeah. How could she forget such thing? She just thought that the interview on Monday, after two days. Then why didn't she think that it was Saturday!

  "Sorry Coco, I guess I'm just too sleepy"she walked over to him and cuddled him on the sofa. Soon, she was out. Cody laughed at her and tried shaking her by moving his shoulder around. 

  "Just go sleep"he muttered under his breath, too focused on the movie he was watching. 

   "I will make you breakfast first"she stood up and stretched her arms. 

   "But you're sleepy"he argued. 

   "Aww, little brother is thinking about me?"she teased and walked to the bathroom in their room. 

  "Always!"she smiled at what he said. She brushed her teeth while still thinking about the interview. She had no work. She was fired from her last job. When her boss offered her to be his mistress, she quickly refused which ended up in getting her fired. She needed money to pay for the taxes, house rent, food and mostly, if Cody had that disease the doctor talked about, she needed lots of money for the surgery. 

  She opened the fridge and sighed at the empty shelves. There were only jam and peanut butter. She had bought them yesterday since she only found the cheese Cody was eating, in the fridge. 

  She brought both of them and grabbed two toast breads for Cody and one for her. 

  She made the sandwiches and returned the jars back to the empty fridge and retreated back to the living room with two plates. 

  "This is for you"Cody smiled and thanked her in process. He looked at the two triangle shaped toast breads and ate them with hunger. Carmen would always cut a toast from the upper right corner to the downer left corner and close them like burgers' bread. This way, they would feel as if they are more. 

  He finished the first triangle and went to hunch on the other which didn't go unnoticed by Carmen. "Why are you up so early on a Saturday?"she asked. 

  "I woke up around 6 am and had a strong headache. I couldn't sleep and didn't want to wake you up, so I grabbed cheese and turned on the tv"he grinned innocently as she kissed his forehead. 

   Headache? Was it one of the symptoms? Carmen couldn't remember what the doctor had listed. She decided she would ask him today when they will go to the hospital. 

  "Coco, today we are going back to the hospital"she said hesitantly. 

  "Why? Are you sick?"he asked worriedly and placed his palm on her forehead, checking if she had high fever or not. His attention was no longer on the tv, but on his sister. 

  "No, I'm not. Relax"he blew out a relieved breath"The doctor just wants to make some tests on both of us"she lied again. 

  "Why?"He repeated. 

  "Umm. J-just to see if we have weakness in our blood."

   "Oh my god! So our bloods will fight and we will know which one's weak?"he shouted excitedly. 

  "Oh my! Jeez!"She widened her eyes at his thoughts"You have such a wild imagination! They would just take a blood sample"she started laughing as she took in what he said. 

   "Nooo!"He hid his wrists and backed away to the corner of the sofa"It hurts, I don't like it!"

   "Don't worry, syringes don't hurt. They're just like this"she leaned forward and pinched his arm"Did you feel pain?"she asked already knowing the answer. He shook his head as she smiled. "Let's just go back to sleep"they both yawned at the mention of sleeping and slept soundly in their bed. 





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