First Fight

   Carmen stormed out of the room as she blew some strands of hair away from her face. She looked at the fake Barbie who had a smirk on her face. She suddenly felt like beating the hell out of her. 

  She jogged towards her and proceeded to grab her from her hair. "You're a stupid fake b*tch!"she screamed at her. She was shocked she had cursed for the first time ever. What was happening to her?

  She yanked the girl backwards and threw her on the floor. She backed her leg behind her and pushed it forward harshly, making it hit the fake blondie’s back.  

  All of the women including the secretary were shocked, the latter tried to hold fuming Carmen back but she just ended in being pushed away. The lady on the floor kept screaming for help as Carmen was throwing punches at her face. 

  The door of the office room banged open and the three men rushed out after hearing a loud commotion outside. 

  Adrian looked shocked and laughed at the scene unfolding right under his piercing eyes. Charles was cursing under his breath and shouted for security. On the other hand, Ronald rushed to Carmen and pulled her away gently. "Please Miss Anderson, stop."

  Upon hearing his soothing voice, it seemed to calm her down. She stood up straight and let out a small chuckle, realizing what she just did. Her reaction was the same as Adrian’s. Ronald took care of the security and made them take the beaten up lady to the hospital. He took Carmen's hand and lead her to the elevator. 

  Adrian felt a bit of jealousy and frowned at his brother. He stepped forward to them and pushed Ronald away. Just as the elavator's doors were closing, he quickly entered and they both disappeared from the other's sight. 

  "Why did you do that?" Carmen asked confusedly. 

  "Because I wanted to"shrugged Adrain. “Does your brother really has Cromotizone?"he asked. 

  No, I was lying" she said in fake sarcasm as she rolled her eyes. 

  "I thought so"she gasped but decided not to say anything as they had arrived. She walked out of the building with him following behind. 

  She turned her face around and raised a questioning eyebrow at him"I'm hungry, I haven't ate breakfast. Are you down for a breakfast break?"

  "Breakfast break? It's like I was working day and night"she rolled her eyes and huffed. 

  "Every person who works has a breakfast break"he pointed out.  

  "But I don't have work."

  "Oh shame, I though you work with us"he smirked. 

  "Are you teasing me because I got rejected?"she let out a gasp. 

  "No stupid, just telling you that you're accepted"he winked and got in the car after his driver had opened the door. 

  Carmen widened her eyes and bent down to talk to him, forgetting the name he called her by"Accepted? But your father literally kicked me out of the room."

  "But Ronald and I don't accept and you'll be acting with me not my father, so I'm the one who gets to choose. Didn't I tell you that we're going to eat breakfast? Just enter the car"she sat beside him and kept gazing at him as he was staring outside the window. "I feel like you're eye-raping me"she blushed furiously and quickly turned her eyes away. 

  "So, does that mean I'm accepted?" She asked nervously. 

  "Accepted because you were eye-raping me?” he teased her. She had an angry look as she stared out the window which made him chuckle and say “Exactly. There will be no interview after two weeks, you're the chosen actress."

  "But you don't know how I act"she furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. 

  "I do know, you act great"He smiled widely. Wow, and I thought he was grumpy she giggled silently. "But don't be cocky about it like some silly girls do" Did I get a wrong impression quickly she huffed mentally. Anyways, why did he say that I act great when he never saw me act. 

  "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm so grateful for this"Carmen said excitedly as she hugged him tightly. He wasn't surprise. He didn't even have the chance to hug her back since she pulled away fast. It was something usual for her. Anytime someone would do something good to her, she would hug him/her but this time, it felt a little different. It was warm not just lovely. 

  "Don't ever do that again"he said sternly as he glared at her. Did he mean it or not though?

  He looked away and tried not to smirk. You don't know what's coming, sweetheart he said in his mind, trying not to say it loudly. 




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