No Nagging Sign

   Carmen watched in amazement as the waiters filled the table with food. 

  "All this food for only the two of us?"she pointed at the super long table and looked at every plate as her eyes were glowing. 

  "We can eat as much as we want"Adrian shrugged and dug his fork in the pancake on the plate in front of his. 

  "Then leave a lot of food to get thrown, wow how awesome"she said sarcastically with a hint of annoyance in her voice which didn't go unnoticed by Adrian. She's still the same I see he thought. 

  "Enough nagging, just eat. Do I need to tell the manager to change the 'no smoking' sign to 'no nagging'?"She was shocked to the fact that a stranger was literally making fun of her. 

  "First, why are you always ordering me around? Second, when will you be done insulting me, jerk"she huffed annoyingly and crossed her arms around her chest. 

  He raised his hands in mock surrender and said"I'm not insulting you. If you think your way of talking to people is insulting then you're the one insulting yourself"he laughed at her. 

  "F*ck you"she raised her middle finger. 

  She stood up angrily and took his water cup. Her hand unconsciously lifted and splashed all the water on his face. Both of them gasped in shock. She has never done this to anyone. She has been noticing the change in her behavior since morning. What is wrong with me? I just did a horrible thing to one of my bosses! She thought while fidgeting with her necklace nervously. 

  "I-I'm so sorry"she said as she grabbed her purse and dashed for the restaurant's exit. He is her boss' son for God's sake! One of the waiters rushed to him and tried to wipe the water off his face as he was sitting in the chair, cursing that stupid woman who dared to wet him with water. 

  Carmen hurried and took a taxi to go back home, still thinking of the crazy thing she had done. Surprisingly, she found herself laughing. That jerk deserved it. Actually, she decided that from now on she would call him jerk. Well absolutely not in front of him or she'd be dead. 

  The taxi driver kept on giving her strange looks. It was completely creepy to see someone laughing on their own. Was she one of Joker's gang?

  She arrived home and jumped out of the car. She walked to the car and looked at the purse in her hands to grab the keys. She felt her eyes wide in horror as she looked. What the heck is that!!

  She had grabbed the menu on the table and not her small bag that she kept her keys and money in. She was such in a rush that she didn't notice. 

  She was sure Adrian must has seen it by now. She had only one choice. Get back to that damn restaurant and get her sac back. She facepalmed her self and took another taxi as she felt anger run threw her veins. It seems like I am the jerk she huffed. 

  Ten minutes later and she arrived to the restaurant. I told the taxi driver to wait there for a few minutes. Hoping that the jerk had left, she entered the entrance and found a family sitting on the table they were sat on. 

  She walked to the cashier and told her everything. The young girl nodded and said "Yes, we expected you to come back. Mr. Romano told us to inform you that you can go and collect it from his house. He even left you a note"she smiled and handed Carmen a paper. She took it and started reading silently 'I'll be waiting for you at my house, cupcake. Address is Riverside Rosewood, House 18' without a word to the young girl, she stormed out of that place while screaming in anger. 

  What was he planning to do? Taking my sac and wanting me to go take it? He could've just left it with the waiter. But no, he has to be a jerk!

  She was forced to go there. All her money and her house keys were in that damn sac and it was an old gift from a dear friend. She had to bring it back. 

  The driver there took nearly twenty minutes. She looked at the driver as she just realized that she had no money to pay him. "Umm I will go and bring money for you"she said as she tried to get out but he shouted. 

  "Do you think I'm stupid? You just don't want to give me money"he scowled at her. 

  She thought for a second before saying the first thing that was in her mind"Just come with me then. I want to bring my bag, it has the money in it"Without hesitation, he got out. 

  Carmen thought that this was a dumb move done without thinking. Is money more important than his life? She could simply be a mafia woman and have her gang kill him without anybody knowing. But she knew a mafia woman would have her own car and not take a taxi, right?

  It was obvious which house was his due to the big sign that had his name on it. 

  They both walked to the doors as Carmen stood in front of one of the men dressed in a blue suit. He had a gentle smile on his face. She blushed as he was staring at her and asked "Hi! How can I help you, my lady?"he asked in a professional way. It was like reciting a text he had studied over the years. 

  "Is Mr. Roman here?"she asked. 

  "He is. May I know your names"he asked, more like ordered. 

  "Carmen Anderson"she answered. 

  "And I am Travis Stevens"the taxi driver said as he was looking confusedly at everything. He was thinking about where the hell did she brought him to. 

  The bodyguard held a weird shaped phone and said "Mr. Roman, there ar-"before he even continued, the jerk had already said.

  "Let her in"the doors opened and they walked in. The bodyguard wanted to stop the man since his boss only talked about her but he ignored it and let him in anyways. 

  "Where are we?"Travis asked annoyingly. 

  "Stop nagging"she whined as she remembered the jerk's words at the restaurant. 


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