Carmen's pov

  Both of us, Travis and I, knocked on the door the maid had led us to. I was biting my lips nervously as I heard a quick 'Come in', like he was expecting me. 

  I took a glance at Travis and turned the door's knob around. The door opened and my eyes searched for that jerk. As I saw him smirking at me, my blood boiled. 

  "You are such a jerk! You could've left that damn sac with the waiter, but no you had to take it. Give it to me right now or I swear I will beat the hell out of you"I screamed while pointing at him. He scowled at Tracy and l- Tracy? Ughhh I mean Travis. 

  "Who is this? Your backup?" He looked him up and down. 

  "He is the taxi driver who has been waiting with me patiently to take his money. And it's all because of you, jerk!"

  "Wow! I am a jerk? Ha! Okay cool down, I'll pay him."

  "Don't, just give me the f*cking sac"I frowned. 

  "Cursing is new for you"he chuckled. 

  "We just met today"I pointed out. 

  He gave Travis a lot of money money. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT! As soon as he took the money, he disappeared. 

  "I have everything in that bag!"I said feeling frustration and anger take over me. I have never felt like this in a while. 

  "I'll give you the bag if you'll do one thing in order to take it" his smirk was back on. 

  "I'll do everything"I said, not realizing the mistake I had just made. 

  "Woah! Amazing. So, give me a kiss and I'll hand you the purse."

  Was he real? I have kissed only one person in my whole life. And it was horrible! I remember closing my eyes and pecking him. It did touch the side of his lips but it was horrible! He kept teasing me about it all the time. Silly boy. 

  "Come on, just give me my purse please"I tried to sound sweeter. What time was it? Was is it the time for Cody to go back home? Oh no, I shouldn't be late. I have to go home and make lunch. 

  While I was too busy thinking about Cody, I didn't notice Adrian was standing only a few centimeters away from me. I raised my head upwards and glanced in his eyes. 

  It was like he was staring straight into my soul. Like he could read me as an open book. It seemed as if he was reading my mind and thoughts. It was such a weird and familiar feeling. I felt his hand touch mine then hold it. My sac was in the other hand, I had to get it in someway. My breath hitched in my throat as he got nearer. 

  I remembered what my dad used to joke about 'My babygirl will not get to kiss anybody unless she's 50!' I used to laugh at it and I still do till now. 

  I so badly wanted to just get closer and kiss him. But when I noticed his annoying signature smirk, I got furious. I had only one plan. I raised my leg hard and hit him with my knee. I guess you got it, in that place.  

  He groaned in pain and backed away as he dropped my sac. I bent down, took it in my hand and jogged outside. I heard loud footsteps following closely behind. It was him! That damn man thinks he can just kiss me normally and then move on to another girl! He wasn't known to be the playful kind as I know. But still, he could be a pervert and keep it a secret. Running down the stairs was the hardest thing I could do, without stumbling down and hitting my head. That would cause me a coma! These stairs were the longest I have ever seen before. 

  "You have such a strong knee, but why hit me here!"he groaned again. 

  I barged outside the doors and smiled at Travis who was waiting for me there. What an awesome man! 

  As I reached the door and was going to open it, I heard a roar and he suddenly sped away. Wait what? He did this on purpose. He could've just drive away before and search for a new person to drive around. 

  "What the f*ck is wrong with you people!"I screamed, mostly to myself. 

  Adrian caught up to me and we both struggled to take a breath. 

  "He is funny. I like him"he smirked. 

  "Ask him out"I stated, making him look at me with a horrified look on his face. I wanted to laugh so hard but I hated this man's guts. Are all men this stupid or is it my luck to make me meet crazy people? I took a deep breath and stood in front of him. I had to say this. "Listen to me Mr. Romano. I'm a 24 year old lady who has lost her parents in an awful way. I've been taking care of my brother for the last 5 years. I've never asked for help because simply, all of my family rejected us. They all disowned Cody and I like we are trash. When my parents died, I couldn't live in the house we once lived in anymore. No, it wasn't rented but I had no money at all. So, I sold it and rented a new one. It's a two room messy house. I'm not like you. I wasn't born with a gold spoon in my mouth, I was born normally and I like it that way. I'm not ashamed of the way I'm living so don't try to act like I'm someone lower than you because I won't accept it. I just need the money for my brother's surgery"

  I don't know why I said that. I just wanted to let him know that he should stop acting so recklessly. He needed to man up a bit. 

  He was looking at me with a strange look in his eyes. If I can only read minds. 

  "I didn't know all of that has happened to you. I thought that you were happy. I'm sorry for your loss. For your information, I was born like you. Not with a gold soon in my mouth, I was born normally too. It's not only you who has problems. I don't think you have ever went through the situation when you know that your parents weren't your biological mom and dad. I had to change homes forcefully at the age of 16. I started living with Charles and Emma, my biological parents. Imagine knowing that the people you once called parents are actually your kidnappers"he spat out. 

  I felt so much hate in his tone. It was of course for his old parents. I couldn't believe that people can actually do this. Kidnap a child from their real parents?! That's awful!

  We both didn't know why we were telling each other this. He looked at me one last time with that weird emotion on his face and spun around. He walked to his bodyguard and told him something. 

  I sighed and started walking away to my house. I didn't know the way. I have never came here before. I walked for some minutes when I heard a sound of a car. I smiled and turned around, expecting Adrian. My smile faded when I saw a different man. 

  "Mr. Romano told me to take you home. Please get in, Mrs. Anderson."

  How did he know my last name? Oh it's probably Adrian who told him because he saw it on my CV. Wait, my CV! I don't remember taking it with me. Oh god, don't tell me I left it in that damn office?!

  I turned my head around. He was nowhere around. He was gone. I sighed and entered the car, told him my address and he started driving. 

  "I know it's not my business to interfere but you and Mr. Romano look like such a good match"the chauffeur shocked me with what he said. I gasped and looked at him. 

  "What? Me and one of the richest actors together? There's no way"I laughed sarcastically. 

  "Life has its own plot twists" he said before silence filled the car and questions filled my head. 

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