Chapter 11 - The Alpha in the Flesh

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I wasted my time worrying about our sharing of a room when it turned out, my new husband had another plan in mind. In the middle of the celebration, I saw him leave in a hurry and this was after he called a blue-haired man, his second-in-command maybe, and conversed through whispers.

I cared less what they were talking about. Anyway, I couldn't hear a word they said because of the noise inside the throne room. A little later after he vanished, men in lavish suits—the royal council—as far as I know, stood up and left the party.

I recognized them in a gathering I attended a day earlier with Elijah. That gathering was weird in a way. It was held in the highest mountain in the kingdom, over a stretch of grassy clearing a kilometre away from the castle. There were a lot of attendees. I say tens of thousands probably. The same as in the wedding.

I re

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