Remember Me, Aly
Remember Me, Aly
Author: Pearlyshellx
Chapter 1

"Aly! Aly! Come here! I have something to show you!" a boy shouted from afar while the girl is tying her shoelace.

As soon as she heard the boy's call, she instantly ran without finishing what she was doing. "Coming!" she yelled at his expense.

While she's running close to the boy having a toothy grin, the girl suddenly stepped on the untied shoelace causing her to fall on the ground. The boy's eyes widened in shock and immediately ran beside her. He checked the girl for any injuries but instead of crying over, they both laughed not minding the little wound on the girl's knee.

A new girl came out on the picture. She is taller than the first girl but unlike her, she has curly brown hair.

"What's happening?" she asked with crossed arms.

The two-child shifted their gaze at the back still laughing for unknown reasons.

"Why are you both laughing? Are you making fun of me?" she asked again but the two answered her with a shaking head.

She walked close to them so they hurriedly stood up and ran over the tree. "Tiny! Find us!" The straight-haired girl yelled, still hiding behind the tall mango tree.

"I'm coming! I'll eat you when I see you!" she answered while running over their direction. She was a bit closer to them when she heard a sudden scream and cry so she quickly took their direction.

"What happened? Are you alright, Aly?" she said in panic while cupping her face.

The girl cried and pointed her finger to her knees which made the curly-haired girl alarmed. She asked the boy to assist her in dragging the injured girl inside their home. The minute that they successfully put her on the chair, Tiny called a help on their driver and without their parent's consent, the driver brought them to the hospital. She can't ask for any help other than their driver and their housemaids because their parents are both busy at work. Since, she's the older one, she takes the full responsibility of her younger sister, Aly.

The girl stopped crying as her sister caressed her back to make her relax but later, they heard a loud crash and their heads were bumped into the car doors. The straight-haired girl was bathed with her own blood because she didn't wear her seatbelt, unlike the other girl.

"Wake up! Amber, wake up!" I heard a voice shouting beside me. I slowly opened my eyes exposing Marcus' worried look.

I closed my eyes back and tweaked my hair as I felt a severe headache. Am I drunk last night? I couldn't even remember hanging out or drinking at least.

"Are you alright? What's wrong?" he asked but I chose not to respond and continued what I was doing with my poor hair. My head really hurts. It was like all my nerves were bombarding each other like having a disco party.

I touched my face and I was surprised when I felt something wet on my cheeks. Wait, did I just cried?

I was about to ask Marcus of what was happening but he wasn't anywhere near me. I kept on remembering what I did last night but as far as I remembered, I wasn't drunk. After a minute, a running foot echoed around my room and swiftly sat beside me.

"Amber, drink this water," he ordered and so I followed.

I think the water was a bit helpful in curing that sudden deadly headache.

"Thank you," I said while handing him over the glass of water I used.

He touched my forehead to check my temperature and let out a sigh of relief when he realised that I'm not burning. "Are you fine now? What happened?" he asked calmly.

I smiled at him and shrugged. "I'm fine, my head aches one moment after my dream," I explained. That was actually so weird and scary.

He just smirked and patted my head. "Get up and fix yourself. Jordan is waiting for you downstairs," he said with a wink before he lost on my sight.

I weakly slapped my forehead when I remembered something. I asked Jordan to pick me up here when he's on his way to school. I was getting lazy about driving my own car lately. I think I was just used to Marcus always driving me to school the past weeks.

Marcus is my dearest cousin who lives with me. I actually don't see him as my cousin but an older brother. He was the one who took care of me since then especially in my case when my parents are both busy in business. Good thing, Marcus has been there for me to assist and act as my guardian other than our housemaids.

I jumped off my bed and assisted myself in the bathroom. I took a quick shower and put on my uniform. I also put light makeup on my face just to cover up my pimples displaying on my chin for past few days now.

When I finished my morning routine, I immediately grabbed my bag and ran outside my room. Jordan must be rooted downstairs waiting. A smile made its way on my lips as I saw a familiar figure of a man happily talking to Marcus.

"Hey!" I greeted and disturbed their chitchat. The two men smiled at me innocently.

"Jordan almost fell asleep waiting here for almost an hour," Marcus joked and laughed at our expense. I mouthed him a sorry but he just smiled.

"Let's go?" Jordan asked. I was about to answer him with a nod but Marcus stopped me.

He stood up in front of me with a scrunched brow. "Do you think I will let you go out in this house without eating your breakfast?" he deadpanned. I gave him a toothy grin and a peck on his cheeks before grabbing Jordan on his seat and ran on the doorway.

"I'm late Marcus, Jordan might leave me any moment now. I will just eat my breakfast in the school," I squealed and headed our way out not waiting for his answers.

I still have lots of things to do at school and eating my breakfast would waste much of my time. Jordan opened a door for me which he usually does. He quickly positioned himself on the driver's seat and started the engine.

"Are you alright?" Jordan muttered from my side, looking directly on the road.

I raised my eyebrows in confusion and pointed myself in an instant to confirm if he's talking to me.

"Marcus said you were crying in bed," he blurted, forcing himself not to laugh.

I rolled my eyes on him, "Marcus really talks a lot," I commented causing him to burst out into laughter. These two boys really love teasing me. I rarely cry, that's why it made them a huge issue.

"What happened? Marcus hasn't continued his storytelling because you came," he said, looking like regretting the cut story.

I stroked him on the nape and swiftly shifted his gaze on me with a smirk. "That hurts, Amber! You behave or else we will end up staying at the hospital," he said, frowning. 

I shut my mouth up for a moment and he continued driving his car so I took the chance to tell him the story.

"I dreamed something scary and weird. It was so bloody and tragic that I woke up having a deadly headache and didn't notice that my tears escaped on its way," I explained and he nodded as an answer.

"I bet you slept late," he commented and on that note, I remembered that I slept past three A.M.

I snapped my fingers and nod three times as an answer. He just shrugged and shook his head. Jordan really knows me.

Soon after, my phone rings and Lily's name pops up on the screen. I answered the call and brought up the phone to my ear.

"Hey, Lily!" I greeted her but it took her a second to respond.

Jordan looked on from the rearview mirror. When our eyes met, I gave him an arched eyebrow causing him to laugh.

"Please be here right now. Our teacher wanted to talk to you," she said, sounding so worried. I can't help myself but feel the sudden pounding of my chest. Before I could speak up, the call had already ended.

"Are you alright?" Jordan asked curiously and I nodded two times as a response.

I think they overused the sentence 'Are you alright?' for today. I am always alright but not all the time I'm fine. In a situation like this, having no clue of what's happening makes me feel worried and forget that I am fine.

Did I do something wrong these past few days? I heaved a loud frustrating sigh while Lily's words kept on registering in my mind. I calmed myself on the seat and thought for a positive scene to happen as soon as I arrived there. I hope everything is alright.

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goodnovel comment avatar
This is one of the best story I've read so far, but I can't seem to find any social media of you, so I can't show you how much I love your work
goodnovel comment avatar
Ériká V Esquera
Errors are normal when writing but I suggest to double check your draft before publishing
goodnovel comment avatar
Okay it’s a dream and I’m not saying this to be rude but as a fellow writer, you should edit. You have lots of mistakes

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