Nerdy To Badass Werewolf
Nerdy To Badass Werewolf
Author: Amb3rmart1ns
Chapter 1

Hey new person! So first off thanks for taking an interest in my book. I just wanted to warn you that this is my first book so of course the first couple chapter are really bad but I promise it gets much better, and I am busy editing it at the moment. Okay bye hope you enjoy!!!! Side note, this book is comprised of all three books in the series. Hope you enjoy!




"Happy birthday Skylar! Wake up right now!" I heard my brother Cole yell in my ear. I groaned and covered my head with my pillow, trying to block them out.

"Go away! I'm trying to sleep here!" I yelled through the pillow, though I'm sure it came out muffled.

"Well, if you don't get up right now we'll have to force you too. Are you sure you want that?" I hear Will, the oldest of the triplets ask me teasingly. Instead of answering him, I turned my head in the other direction.

"Alright Skylar. You leave us with no choice then." Liam, the youngest says before everything becomes suspiciously silent. Just as I'm about to check what they're doing, I'm on the floor with three huge oafs on top of me. I groan as they're weight crushes me.

"Why are you guys such jerks!" I yelled when they finally crawled off of me. I don't really mean that, I never could. Although they are highly annoying they're the best brothers a person could ask for.

"Because we love you!" Will sang loudly as he rested on his elbows, watching me with an teasing smirk. Yeah, and he's supposed to be the mature one. Not.

"Now get up. School starts soon and mom made you a surprise birthday breakfast." I look at them as if they're stupid (which they are), that they think that will get me up.

"Can't I just stay at home? It's my last day anyways, so what's the big deal?" I ask them while biting my lip, trying to keep myself from laughing, since they were wearing colourful party hats.

They eventually did persuade me to get up, it took a lot of convincing, and a bribe that involved oreos. I slowly stood up before making my way into the bathroom and taking a quick shower. Once done in there I walked out and got changed. I walked over to my mirror, assessing the outifit. I always dressed in plain clothing. I was wearing a plain black T-Shirt with dark blue jeans and sneakers. I didn't believe in dressing up for school. What's the point?

I put my hair up in a ponytail, not bothering with any make-up since I don't wear it. Some girls enjoy wearing it but I'm not one of them. I've just never liked the 'feel' of it on my face. Once I was satisfied with how I looked I headed downstairs only to be stopped and crushed into someones chest. I looked up and saw it was Will. I was then passed on to Cole, then finally Liam. By the time they put me down, I was gasping for breath.

I think they're trying to kill me.

I do love them with all my heart and I know that the feelings mutual but they sometimes forget that they're stronger than me. My big surprise breakfast was chocolate chip pancakes. Yum. Though Liam tried to steal some of mine, causing me to almost stab his hand. Twice.

No one touches my food.

After eating my delicious breakfast I went upstairs again to grab my bag and homework that I forgot to put away. Once I know that I have everything I head downstairs again. I say goodbye to my parents before jumping into my brothers' car. The trip there was silent, with me reading one of my favourite books, Liam and Cole on their phones and Will driving.

Honestly, I was so glad to be leaving this place for a year. For some reason my school is really behind and still pick on the 'nerds' of the school. Which is pretty much just me. Sure there are the 'geeks' but everyone classifys me as the 'nerd', stupid labels. I'm bullied constantly but hey, what can you do? Maybe I could stand up for myself? Yeah, just one problem with that.

Kyle Black.

He's your average, good-looking, football playing, jerk. And the big reason why my life at school is hell. Sure, somedays I just wish I could wipe that smug smirk off of his face, but then I remember that he's the future Alpha. Can't mess with them. People seem to like calling me 'Nerdy Skylar.'

It doesn't even rhyme! Though I just kept reminding myself that this is my last day here for a while, so I'll finally be free of them later today.

Finally pulling up to the school grounds I looked around and saw everyone hanging around and talking with they're friends. At least I know I have a few people waiting in there for me. They make being here a little less painful. As I climbed out the car, so did my brothers.

"What are you doing?" I asked them as they stood in front of me, folding their arms over their chest, trying to look intimidating. I rolled my eyes before giving them my attention.

"Now that you're sixteen and can find your mate, we want to discuss a few things with you. When you do find him, you will not let him mark you. Second, if you feel pains starting, you call us immediately. Don't try and act tough, just call us and we'll be over as soon as possible. Lastly we'll pick you up from here and hit the road straight after. Understand?"

"Yes fathers. Bye!" I yelled back at them, heading towards the front of the school. I watched them drive away, making me feel nervous now. I gulp as I feel people's glares on me. Though I couldn't concentrate on that as only one thought kept running through my head.

"I hope I don't meet my mate today."

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Doris R. Briones
marriage by mistake
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Bella Jersey
I can see the bully will be the mate. Never will I forgive a lot my comments will deal with that. If she feels pain call her brothers and they’ll run with her. Something is up
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Osude Meda
is interesting. but hard to purchase for me in nigeria.

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