"I knew it will get to this!" The duchess said as soon as she arrived at the house. "And I knew there was something about you I liked at that party. You're indeed the feisty little thing I thought you were!"

Cassy’s smile was indulgent as she curtsied before the duchess.

The townhouse suddenly came alive with the arrival of several visitors. Two days after Cassy’s arrival at the house, the duchess’s personal dressmaker arrived. She was a pompous old woman, who regarded Cassy over the edge of her nose, as though sizing her up on sight. The woman was accompanied by two young, bright eyed girls who smiled openly and warmly at her. They kept her busy, talking about fabrics, the latest styles, what would look good and what wouldn’t, their ramblings seeming to be endless until Cassy’s head began to spin.

Their madame stopped them then, asking them to take Cassy’s measurement and be done with it. That was the purpose of their visit after all.

Barely an hour after they left, Cassy was force
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Sowmya 4c2
I'm reading this story 2nd time..
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Leigh-Anne Henshaw
I am truly enjoying your book! Please don’t be discouraged! This is my favorite time period and you are writing it amazingly well! Please continue with this book and stay motivated!!
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Sowmya 4c2
really it's a super story

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