Chapter Five

Abby was taken inside to rest and the remaining members of the pack had headed off to do other things. The witches were taken inside and give space to rest until Sam could teleport them home. Candy stood watching Annie as the dark-haired man spoke with her.

His smell wasn’t as delicious as Annie’s but Candy still couldn’t help the way her wolf perked up at his soft scent. Almonds with something clean, like a citrus fruit and incenses that tickled her nose and made her think of magic. She walked closer to two of them. His voice was calm and soothing and she felt the same pull to him as she did to Annie.

Candy bit her lip. How could this be?

 That she was drawn to both of them. She could feel her wolf brushing against the surface. The beast wanted out, wanted to go to its mates. The man turned his head, shaking his long hair over his shoulder as his indigo eyes met hers. Candy felt her pulse quicken and the desire to move closer to him rose up in her. Annie looked over at her with a soft smile and Candy moved closer. She liked those smiles.  

She was coming to realize that she liked any smile that Annie was wiling to give her.

“Candy, this is Stolas.” Annie said introducing the two, “He just wanted to check on me, he was at the warehouse watching us to help keep Abby safe.”  

“Hello Stolas.” Candy said, feeling her cheeks heat up as she all but purred his name. His lip twitched into a smile as his eyes sparkled at hers.

“Candy, I was just checking on your lovely mate.”  

Candy sucked in a breath. How had he known that she and Annie were mates?  

She hadn’t told anyone yet, hadn’t claimed the woman beside her. It wouldn’t be long though, she wanted her; the wolf wanted her. It wanted to see its mark on her throat, to smell her scent as the two blended together. Candy couldn’t help but wonder how Stolas would smell, coated in both of their scents. Would his eyes darken in lust or brighten with the thrill of the chase?

His nostrils flared as he turned to look at her and she felt wetness pooling at her core as she thought of taking them both to her bed. Candy had never had a threesome before, but she very much wanted to now. She had never seen the appeal, could never understand why Drake and Owen shared. Candy saw it now, she so saw it. Slipping her hand into Annie’s she gave her fingers a soft squeeze. “Why don’t we go get you something to eat?”  

Annie smiled at her and Candy felt a pang of guilt, she didn’t know how her mate would feel about her wanting to bed another. Hell, she didn’t even know how Annie felt about her, really. There was no denying it though, she was drawn to both of them and that was something that she would need to talk to Annie about before things went further.  


Annie looked down at her feet. Or at least she would have if it weren’t for her swollen stomach. Her face flushed with the fact that Annie was holding her hand in front of another, Beau had never done that. She could remember the first time she had tried to hold his hand in the hallway when they were in junior high. How he had slapped her hand away and turned a glare towards her. Annie bit her lip, looking at their interlaced fingers, feeling her heart beat flutter in her chest.  

She didn’t know if it was the babies kicking or butterflies in her stomach; she liked to think that it was butterflies. “Dinner sounds perfect, why I don’t I join you too?” Stolas asked, pulling her attention towards him. Annie looked towards her mate before nodding. She didn’t know what it was about the oddly thin, handsome man. She liked him though, Annie wasn’t sure if it was a friendly like or an attraction like and that made her feel a pang of guilt.  

Candy gave her hand a soft squeeze, and she felt the guilt rise. She shouldn’t be thinking about another. She had a mate now. It didn’t matter if she thought he was handsome; she wasn’t like Beau. She wouldn’t do that to Candy. She knew how wolves were about their mates. Worrying the inside of her cheek she tried to push those feelings down, she wouldn’t hurt Candy.  

Annie followed her mate as she led her towards the kitchen. Trying her best not to think about how close Stolas was standing to her or how it made the heat rise in her belly being between the two of them. She knew that she shouldn’t be thinking about that, letting lust make her decisions for her in the past had proven to be an awful idea.  

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I can’t help but feel sad for Annie, she really went through some crap.

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